Super Challenge Battle - Extreme - 15th Sept 2016

Manage to won the latest super challenge battle in extreme level against the new monster that looks like a beholder…Evileye is the name if i am not wrong…Seems like with it around, sleep don’t exactly works in the whole team unless it is dead but then again I might be wrong (At least sleep for me don’t work when it haven’t die)…Won with 4 monsters still standing around…Expect lots of stuns and some poison here and there…Many thanks to the crew and got to give credit to my leogeist that manage to neutralize incoming stuns all the way…Attached is a screenshot…Won with 4 monsters still alive(Including one crap bomb alt summon by enemy)…For those that clear this extreme challenge…Do share your victory screenshots and the line up you use…xD

What does the new mon do ? I finished all 3 stages too quickly, all he did was attack. When banedragon entered it triggered some sort of passive which made him and the new mon gain turn. At least thats what was indicated but their TU didn’t move.

He has a passive called ‘Fast Forward Entrance’ which reduces the team’s TU by 50.

The three last super challenge battles were so easy for me ( i am rank 65 and have 136 cost). I won easily with 3 monsters alive at the second try.

Omg, had 12 mons left (including 4 on the battlefield), and i am only lvl 79!! Would love to see an even stronger rank in the superchallenge battle (maybe 3 gems reward?)

I’m so bloody close but can’t seem to take out the doomengine and its blood clones…
Any pointer? Godfeather even with accelerate and username last bite can’t seem to hit them fast enough…
They just duplicate and use bombs…
And at that time he is poisoned by Nightlord… :confused:
It’s just that horrid engine that stands in my Wayne of getting that omegamid…

Attached the lineup i use…

Find it strange that Godfeather can be use to win this match…Firstly the boss has a tendency to poison u and even if u r lucky enough to bring him down to low hp…he will do his life flip and then summon more monsters…u r better off using a proper team to win him…I make use of Leogeist constant crescent strike, Gaiawolf and Blightwyrm desperate strike, Soulstealer bloodthirst, Robinator blood fury and finally Tiamazus poison eater to give him the finishing touch…Set up a proper team…Try to finish him when he summon Solatriel…Else with those doom engine in the way, u gotta have a hard time…

I believe you are referring to the emperor boss fight… i’ve beaten him and i’m talking about the 3rd super challenge battle… :slight_smile:

no, he’s referring to the bovolcus fight. 

See, the trick for dealing with Doomengine is that he effectively creates a chain, and you simply have to break the chain asap. The way you do that is to kill the most recent one, the one that hasn’t cloned yet. Sure, they have shield entrance, but they’re also very slow and only have a fraction of health. once one pops in, just throw everything you’ve got at him, and ignore the ones already there. If you have Godfeather though, it’s best to just only rely on him. Your 9 big guys in the front are likely just going to hinder him, since he needs them to die. Just take a couple knock backers at the front to get rid of absorbers and immunes, with lots of purify/healers to protect your bombers. I got through it with my biter with relative ease. And another thing, DON’T kill Nightlord. If you’re biting, you should NEVER kill something with poison revenge unless

a- you’re already poisoned

b- there are four of them, which is a very uncommon scenario, it’s never happened to me

c- it’s a Robinator, in which case he’s going to poison you no matter what, unless he’s stun locked. If you know they have one, get him on the frontline so that he’ll get stunned.

or d- if he’s the only guy left, obviously.

If you have 3 stun locks going and one appears, then you have no choice but to break one of the locks, and let Nightlord harass you. Though obviously they can only attack normally, thus setting themselves back by 200 or 250, so as long as you’re careful, they shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you, i’ll try without som many biggies inn front and more heal alls.
See if i can get it right…
Just so grotesquely frustrating when it’s som damned close all the time… :confused:

Indeed i am referring to the bovolcus fight…Don’t think that just making use of Godfeather alone as ur main hitman in this scenario will pull you through…u need a combo team…In my case, i am lucky enough to have leogeist to neutralize all the incoming stun…And crescent strike can make tons of damage as it scale up real fast…Not forgetting life flip which is real useful if u don’t happen to be stealth or when u don’t have a healer when the boss goes into deathmode…Set up a proper team with the right critters…u be completing the challenge in no time…forget about using Godfeather to solo…he might probably be useful if and only if the boss and only Solatriel himself is on the field…One thing though for the extreme challenge…i notice that the critters summon by the boss are much more subsceptible to sleep…

Oh forgot this thread talking about the 3rd challenge extreme battle…I am talking about Bovolcus fifth final battle here…><"

Anyway the 3rd extreme battle is much easier … just need the right combo … Bovolcus will be so much more tougher…><"

Assisted water works well if you have that too.