Super epic stun counter

I would like you to give us a super epic monster with the passive ability of counter stum due to the fact that Angelion and leogeist are really difficult to obtain myself I collected 200 gems for angelion and only had one legendary and it was not from the pack, this would help a lot to The new players and everyone not to depend on so many absorbers for our extragegy, please there is nothing wrong with giving us as a reward for some event a counter stum in a super epic way, what do you guys say?


I agree, this will help everyone Angelion and leogeist are very difficult to obtain I think it would be the most fair for everyone


In my opinion it would be good because the legendary limited angelion and leogeist are difficult to obtain as well as awakening a mythical I think that would make the game more balanced


Please give me a Bastia for free too. It’s only fair if we all get a chance to disable all entrance passives. I lose lots from these, they’re very strong


What do you think about a super epic with passive counter stum ability for me, it will give a lot of balance and help the players who cannot pay to have the others

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If I’m talking without sarcasm… WAY too strong for a SE. We haven’t even seen a stun converter SE yet, let’s start there.

The place where I was wondering if we’d get stun counter was with the Abyssoldiers. There it would require 2 Abyssoldiers out on the field to have stun counter. However, I quickly realised it would definitely be too powerful. I don’t think any SE should ever get stun counter.

Stun is in quite a good place right now. There are many powerful counters available, even if most of the best are limited legendaries and mythics. Stun counter is obviously the best but there are many stun immune monsters in the game and a number of great stun absorbers, including SEs like Flutterdrake Iris and Willowyrm.


Sometimes I get the impression that super epic monsters are despised just because they are super epic, the legendary ones have two counter stums, the mythical 2 counter stums and the super epic can’t count on one because they are just that, super epic?

I want a 2 stars Deathgazer… Can we have that?


There are some super powerful SEs out there. Ahuizard is a popular one at the moment… 50TU raw sweeping and stun immunity.

SEs are lower cost and easier to obtain (often released in events for everyone to get). It’s only natural that they have lower power than the monsters we have to buy. It makes complete sense that the higher quality monsters are more powerful.

How about this @TNCGodZeus… the Devs release a free mythic for us all which the way to get it is long-winded and takes something like 6-12 months of effort. However, it’s a stun counter support monster. Does that sound good?

The Devs have previously expressed that they like the idea of giving us another free monster so perhaps we should ask them for it to be a mythic that takes lots of effort to get but it has stun counter.

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The devs are discriminating against super epics. Right now there are four stun counters in the game and they are either legendaries or mythics and it is unfair. That being said, I rolled leogeist last month so I think this is a bad idea.


1rst there is no need for the sarcastic attack on my clan you over everyone else should be above of that because is your duty so i think you should delete that comment because it makes you look really bad

2nd i completely agree there shouldn’t be an SE Stun counter because 1rs stun has already plenty of counters, 2nd Angelion is one of the main money income source of this game and 3rd is imo a top 3 of the best passives in this game so to summarize is a no go for me

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Hmm it didn’t seem like an attack to me. He didn’t insult your clan, he was merely pointing out how tnc members create new accounts to support whatever idea one of their members tell them to.


I know the sarcasm is rude, but the original request is ridiculous and the first two posts are almost look like copy and paste replies given to people to post on the forum. Just read them again and you’ll see the structure of the posts is exactly the same. Then the fact one calls the idea “most fair for everyone” and the other “would make the game more balanced” are ridiculous statements that I would always contest, no matter who they came from.

Also, I felt it was necessary to point out that these are TNC accounts of people who literally never do anything on the forum except to support things written by TNC members or when asked to vote in a poll. I point this out not to attack the clan, but to inform others so they can do with it what they will.

I’m sorry you took it personally. I have full respect for your clan, but not these type of ideas. I’m glad we agree there shouldn’t be a SE stun counter.


I look forward to that day since I play Neomonsters, hopefully the day will come when they give us a mythical or legendary monster, it would be a great compliment to the players that we cannot

Clan war!


Well as you can see not everyone agrees with it but if we as a clan ask for support in the community i see no wrong in that where i see things going wrong is with that kind of sarcastic comment amd of course i tool it persona because I’m TNC and i repeat you as a mod shouldn’t be allowed to make that kind of comments you are a mod no a part of the drama

This is the worst comment by far.
You get banned but never learn.


Regarding the comment you made about TNC, you are totally wrong, we are more than 40 members in TNC and I do not see the vote of 40 TNC members in favor, think a little and do not speak like this, here everyone responds what they think is correct, we respect the criteria individual membership, please remove the charge and comment

I don’t know DonT… you liked both my original post and the one where MementorMori came back at me. One could say you’re encouraging a clan war too :wink:


It’s a joke not a ■■■■ DonT take it so hard. Pun intended.