Bug in PvP

Hi all,

when my opponent has one of the legendary stun entrancer (the good ones…) in PvP and they come into play, my game crushes. Everytime! In the beginning I was quite happy to see them qued up, since they do nothing atm, but now its just annoying…

Have you experienced the same?

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I have faced several players running the 120s stunners but didn’t have this issue. Are you able to describe more details what might be the reason for causing these crashes

Kinda sound like a huskegon bug

It appears that my game does not crush when I dont have Angelion on the field, could it be that the univeral stun immunity and the stun counter does not go well with eachother?

Good question @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD might check that out. I have not used angelion this pvp so I can not tell if it is caused in combination with stun counters

We have discovered some issues caused by the Stun Immune buff in this Special PvP event.
This may relate to it as well.
Thank you very much for the report.

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