Stun converter/counter SE

dev i think it’s time to give out SE with stun counter or stun converter for event prize
stun converter and stun counter monster is hard to get considering most of them rare and limited
stun absorber is really are not enough to counter stun.
with a lot of monster with double timestrike.
and most of the time when stun absorber got stunned they become living bronzshell lol
@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD


Lol never gonna happen, save gems if you want one

You can expect more stun converter/counter legendaries to come to the game. Save your gems and grab one you like the look of. Some eggs don’t offer them guaranteed but there will ultimately be enough monsters with this passive that everyone will have plenty of opportunities to add them to their collection.

Dude given that’s one of the most op abilities, not a chance

You want a free SE to make half of legends in this game completely useless. Good point. Next.