Super Challenge Battle - 3/9/17 - Vulcaroth

Skill set:

Dual Poison Touch = 70sec.

Double Poison Eater =  200sec.

Bloodthirst = 130sec.

Accelerate Team = 130sec.

Secret skill:

Instant Poison Storm



-What do you guys think?

Bane replacement. Almost.


Yikes haven’t been able to beat the 3rd challenge yet. Poison is op

imo. not OP. stun/sleep visible.

poison killer food.

That gear croc is actually killing me haha. Keeps interrupting kill sequences

Just went in the 3rd challenge to see their team placement, so i can set up a counter team. Somehow i b
eat it on first try with a random team :thinking: i guess all you really need is a last biter

Stats guys?

Great monster. Not op

No passives, it wont be OP and is not a threat to sleep teams unlike bane which breaks sleep locks.

love the design 

Ok due to this new Legendary Monster it is obvious that deathgazer needs a Time management rework! Instant posion Storm with Dual poison eater is sick, compared to the moveset of deathgazer!

Its sick compare to a LOT of other legenderies. I think there are places that need rework more then deathgazer

Instant poison storm can only be activated after 100sec

Poision Storm is very good, especially at 1TU, but I’m not getting it, as I have Bane…

Sleep still is a very hard counter especially with 100sec, before use.

Bloodthirsty is pointless, especially with dual poison eater…there could have been a better move, like sleep killer or idk

if the the poison storm was not 100sec, it would have been the new FL monster, it good there is a 100sec cooldown before use

Ok Instant PS After 100 Sec is still faster than deathgazers with 160 Sec :smile: but yeah gazer was once op, then There was a Change concerning his passiv and now gazer is the weakest poison Legendary… No passives, to much tu in his Moves… And no defense.

In another tread they said vulcathor is bulky, any Reports yet?

Exactly my thougt, 100 sec before poison storm make him Ok, but the design is amazing

Actually bloodthirsty is great. Problem with poison monsters, is that you need to set up poison, which may be hard with purify which is only 50 sec, so poison can be useless. This 1 make poison storm for 1 TU, then double poison eater, which will charge his bloodthirst, and no more need for poison - your a free killing machine :slight_smile:

hope i get him next festival :slight_smile:

Finally conquered it with a last bite strategy lol