Hey peeps!

Glad to be here, I’ve been following the development for this game via Facebook for a little while.  I played a little of Dragon Island but was playing other app games at the time so I didn’t get very far in it.  Now Hunter Island is the only one I’m playing right now and quite frankly I’ve become addicted XD

I’m also a member of the Endless Forest community as well as Flight Rising if anyone plays either of those.  Other than that, I’m thoroughly enjoying Hunter Island :wink:

Hello and welcome to the forums :) 

Hi QuadRaptor! Welcome to the forums!

You play Flight Rising? Boy, Stanari and you will become best friends. She’s big on Flight Rising, I think. ;>

I’m part of the Endless Forest community as well! Well, not really, but I’ve been with them for some years now, so I guess I can be sort of part of it.

Hehe thanks for the welcome.

Yeah I’ve been on the Endless Forest for roughly six years, pretty close to when it first came out.  I don’t play the game as much anymore since I’ve been preoccupied, but I owe that community a lot of gratitude for helping me through a difficult time in my life.  I go by the same name on there as I do here.

Flight Rising has been pretty fun too, it’s got it’s obvious flaws but otherwise I’ve been enjoying watching it develop too.  And dragons are just awesome, haha!

Welcome to the forum!!!  Glad to have you on board! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums hope to see you around.
Hope you enjoy your time here.

Hey QuadRaptor! Enjoy your stay!