Suggestions on Crappy Mons to Team Build With


While I still have time before the ranked games, I’d like to get opinions on a list of suggested legends that suck, so I can try to build a team around for pvp for fun.

So far, I have

Doom engine
Link hypno bird


Some of them might suck in pvp, but that’s okay if they are god mode in pve. Like geartyrant


How about a last biter team? That could be pretty fun!

I think another fun one you could do is making a team which includes every one of your earth legendaries (link earth / throw).


Go for a poison eater team , they’re real good in Pve! Can help you in the long run if you’re opting to PVP eventually


Poison eater is really not good in PVE :thinking:


Yea I actually have that throw team! Haha it’s actually pretty good. Grove and emeraldus go clutch on that team.


Hey i love my link earth lead!


DRs don’t suck :crying_cat_face:


RNG does not favor me at all tho lol


Link earth is actually pretty good but I have found that it is a much more defensive type of play tho…


Althouse uses a awesome link earth team