**Stunning Skills need a NERF... idea!!!

So stunning in this game is kinda out of hand lol, In most of the matches i play, i get one move in, then i am stunned for the next 6-8 years  :rolleyes: … After reading some of the other forum posts, i heard that a nerf for some monsters is coming soon in regards to their stunning skills, but i think that may only help in the short run… I think that the best way to nerf the stun skills, is to make it so that the MAX time a monster can be stunned is like 180TU… For instance, if someone has 3 monsters that stun you for 180TU each, and all three of them sacrifice themselves, instead of having your three monsters stunned for 540TU they are only stunned for 180TU. This allows players to actually use SKILL and not spam the stun skill over and over again. This also limits the amount of times a player will spike their mobile device into the floor… This is just an idea, and am curious as to what you guys think about it? Thanks :ph34r:

Stun definitely needs a nerf, but let me give you a simple strategy for defeating the stun teams.

Get some monsters with knockback. Maybe 2 to 3 in the starting line-up. Use knockback on the stunners. Throw them in the back.

There’s a future monster coming up called Vortexor that sends all 3 to the back in 1 hit, and it demolishes these teams. There are ways around it!

This. Monster. Is. A. Must. Have. Give. Me. Now.  :ph34r:

lol that would be epic, cannot wait 

Yea I faced a guy with vortexor pretty cool

I use a tank and cast Guardian to tank all the stun from Stegospike. Be ware of Gremknight who can knockback your tank though.

Knockback is useful to counter this combo too as mentioned above.

knockback is not very effective against a stun team, pretty much those stun teams start with a gremknight somewhere in the beginning after the sacrifice stun arks, the gremknight acts as their haste monster also. This renders all knockback counters useless since they are stunned from the beginning and their gremknight comes along and knocksback all the tanks and counter arks.

Stun in general just needs to be tamed not just stego spike, making stun NOT stackable would be a start, as these types of teams are currently unstoppable, there really is no way to counter.  there is also an ark they use that makes the charcalynx combo 100 percent to combine at the very start with NO counter or way to stop it from forming. I will not mention it here as this would probably cause all the stun users and include it in their team. But yea, stun in general needs to be calmed down.

please release vortexor as the online mission monster next week if the update can not be released anytime soon :slight_smile:

Well, if you noticed…the online mission monsters have always changed types. Meow, destro, mino, Subzy, mossy.

Holy, Shadow, fire, water, earth.

I’m pretty sure that they were planning on a wind monster anyways. Vorty, cyber, triphy, etc. it’s entirely possible that vort can be the OM next week.

…keep in mind that vort is incredibly weak. Support it. Otherwise, a quick and strong earth monster will send it packing.

So yeah, vort is a good monster.

…chopperbug works too.

Oh, and I was one of the first Charcalynx-combo users. Made my team (stunners, then grem+stego+Charcalynx) a few weeks ago… I didn’t use it for a long time, and I stopped after a few days…this was about a week ago…maybe two, idk. When you make a team, you pay attention to all the strengths and weaknesses.

I know that it is very easy to beat if the opponent is powerful. You just need to figure out how.

I agree that in some cases stun is overpowered, but stun teams dont tend to be very strong. I also don’t think stun should be made so it can’t stack. That’s the point of stun is to try and stun lock. Stegospike i think should be changed to 200 TU or maybe 180 TU stun, so he can’t restun faster than the first one can come off. 

As much as I hate the stego+charco combo… and I do (i have both S ranked and refuse to make this team) I have to disagree. Personally the haste factor shows that someone (probably tiberius) made a very powerful combo that can be VERY hard to beat, but it is very breakable. I do believe the thing that is broken about stego is the fact that his stun is a garantee. Not so much that he can stun before an ark can recover, but more so that it is going to hit and isn’t a “well… will it hit?”

PLease note that this is just my opinion, and for the most part I am in agreeance with the feeling of… hmmm, displeasure? associated to seeing three wind ark’s all with stun associated to them in an opening lineup.

well its also the only stun like that, most stuns do damage as well with a chance to stun. this does stun only, so to me 100% chance is fine. he isn’t slowing AND hitting, he is purely slowing with that. but maybe chance to stun would work just as well. quite frankly i get sick of the “chance” to stun with ones like gremknight where i can miss stunning 4-5 times in a row. having one that’s built just to stun is nice. and no i don’t use a stun team, i’m far from defending myself here. this is my opinion

I do like dedicated stunners. maybe just modifying the TU stun amount would suffice. and keep a good chunk of people happy with his mechanic. Of course I’m not saying make it like garanteed 50 TU stun. maybe like 150-170 range would help balance out a bit.