Stuck..have promising team, just need help building it.

I have a team built but I know there is a better combo that I’m missing…right now I start w/ lifeflip on blightworm, pure cure to bring it above 1hp, the double desperate w/ give turn. Then basically I wing it…I feel like I can better utilize atrahasis and possibly some others.

Send a screenshot of your team :ok_hand:


can you give some free gems or legendaries on my account

Nobody can do that tbh. Is begging the new start being like Abrar and Lunar?:smirk:

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For gems neo gives out plenty, during Events etc. just grind hard and spend gems wisely and you will be well off. the game also offers 2 free legends and if you had grabbed the game during the last festival a free legend was available on the get go. Now for the 2 free legends one can be found on the last island and the other is chrono that can be found in the online section.

Would help if I included that huh…here it is

What does it do?

Try using


YetiKong for 1on1
Shogun (sleep immunity)
A stun absorber
A mon of your choice ( maybe evolve the grass starter and get that, or use the cat as Gary Oak suggested to another player in a thread.

Then place onigeist 5th

When you 1 on 1 the opponent, either try and get a kill with shogun or use Sudden death. If it kills your own monster, Great! Now you have Oni on the field. You could use death sentence all while they sleep, or go to work with its other moves.

When you get a stunning entrance monster put it behind Oni

Also, maybe try your cloning protector (I forget the name) with Atrahasis to give it constant protection. When the opponent kills the original you can necro it and then have a constant stream of protectors.

Use Atra’s Cannablise to get rid of Yeti so it doesn’t get left there all match

I don’t have your monsters, so I don’t know how effective it will be, but i’m confident you’ll win more matches than you are with your current line up. I really hope that helps!


Hey how do I get starskie? I got to wait a life time before I can get 3 of them are they any other way to get them? Help please

They’re from the login bonus only. You need them for evolving Chronos but not anything else. You’ll get there, the game is good enough to make you stick around… don’t worry!

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