Team build help

I’ll post what my current team is that I use and all of what I have. I’m currently stuck on the last mission of chapter 6 ancient ruins the last mission and episode 7 on main story. Can’t make it thru all the monsters. Any help with what I have to get me thru? **updated with team pics. New to this on phone and I can only use 1 more post/reply until 9/29 until expire period on 10/1

use sanct, it has stun revenge

Due to spambot new user have restriction to post
I would love to trash poisoners and switch with ichyrion and deucalizon.
Go with bloodthirst better, you can do it with sleep sentence.
Im do offline and online chapter with godfeather as main and only legend

Place death roullete in the front along with DD due to HG along with alpha gear in 5th