Help a noob building his team


Hope you can say me how I can make a good team / combo out of these monsters. I’m struggling between Angelion and monsters which can protect the team.

I have 37 gems and I will use them for a 10Egg-Role if a new event comes where I get a legendary 100%.

Some tips?


Why don’t you try

Soul stealer (death sentence all)
Yetiking (one on one monster)
Angelion (will stay awake and give stun protection, can purify all if needed)
A monster of your choice

Behind the frontline you could add tridakhan for stun and protector removal.

Stick the tortoise and burns a lot somewhere in the middle

Consider putting penguinator towards the end as you can slayerbane all without running into too much trouble

I hope that helps! Good luck with the game.


Cool! Very nice idea. I will try it out. So I need to evolve my SoulStealer (very hard).

I always had Penguinator on first place -.-. Nvm it’s better taking him on laste place.


Building on top of @LemonSqueezy ‘s suggestion, try evolving then using your captainwhiskers as the 4th monster. That pussycat got a nerf recently but I think if you can get a DSA off, your opponent will probably focus down SS to the point where you can get a Neko Barrage off


What great advice! Have you thought about becoming a moderator?!


I’m backing it!


I didnt understand anything

  • You have a cat that is dressed like a pirate

  • You have an evil skeleton on a horse

  • You have a yeti

  • You have a white lion with a halo and some wings

Evolve those 4 monsters all the way and use them as the first 4 monsters in your team @Spidermini :+1:


But the yeti is faster than my skeleton on the horse


Then skip the yeti’s first turn
or adjust entance speeds of the monsters
or give potions to whatever needs to be faster if it seems worth it.


Good morning neo monster i wish this coming December 24 will open all this and unlimited… I hope :disappointed: