Not bad, Vortextor!

I just bumped into ms05… I lost pathetically lol…

But I was glad I could have a look on the ability of vortextor(ms05 is definitely from japan :slight_smile: ) . I have to say this ark is amazing!

Apparently it’s not that easy to kill… I believe it’s “other” type right? So far only mine spider has other bane and it’s very weak too. With vegetiger’s metal bane takes about 800 health. So this ark is quite tanky in pvp currently I guess…

I OHKO’d one with gearwolf’s xenofang. And according to Ashley it has low HP, defense and resist in PvP.

It shouldn’t be too hard to kill.

Very easy to defeat, after his big move have a time striker ready to pounce. :slight_smile: