Gigarock... not so good as i thought.

I fought 3 japanese guys today, running this new ark. 

The first one had kami, ss, moss golem, gigarock, gearwolf, chillqueen and other strong guys… I beated him easily. Gigarock no utility… His xenoattack his useless… All of us have vegitiger, scorpionix, osiryswyrm, moss golem. At least one of them in our team, so xenoattack is going to do no damage. His sacrifice move is weak, doesnt really do heavy damage at all. Fire call it’s useless too. His passive not bad but not strategically useful. And last stand… only hit one…  i beat these 3 guys running this ark pretty fast and easy, and i dont have ss or gearwolf or kami or other om arks before goldenhorn. What u guys think about that?

I would still get it just for last stand and the stats on that ark :smiley: might be weak in some spots but its still 11 Star ark thats rare…

Yea im going to have it too, but i don’t think i will put it in my team :slight_smile:

I would use it “only” because of the last stand… I bet its tanky so put it With kami + Goldenhorn whats to do except aoe… But your right xeno is not Nice right now if your Earth :wink:

Pretty tanky, i needed like 3 vengeance from magmawyrm to take it down… 

It’s amazing at the end with Halopard. My last 4 arks are Scorpionix, Cryptwyrm, Gigarock, and Halopard. 

I would certainly put it on my team. In my end-game team so to speak he was the last one.

wait it he the earth tank?

My last arks are angelon, necodrake, gigarock, and Halopard, it’s an amazing set up. I won against some one who had all the OM arks since destructor, and his team was amazing compared to mine, but my giga rock took out like his last 5 arks :smiley: