A couple of questions

Hi everyone, I’ve read thro the FAQ and still need a couple of answers. They’re probably really stupid questions, but if I’m gonna ask them it may as well be here. Probably really obvious but:

• How do you decide between an attack that does physical damage and magical damage?
• How comes some monster have 5/6 attacks but I can’t use them all?

There will be more questions, this is such an in-depth game and I want to understand it all, but if anyone can help me with these for now I’d be really grateful.

First point, during battle there is a little exclamation point next ti the attacks. Tap on it and it tells you whether the attack does physical or magical damage as well as how much damage it does and other things.

Second point, some monsters may have 5 or 6 abilities but some of those are passive abilities, meaning you have no direct control of using those abilities in battle as they areactivated on their own.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Lethalmilk, the first question isn’t really cleared up tho. For example, let’s say I have two attacks one does 10-12 magical damage, the other does 10-12 physical damage. Which one would you choose?

Take a look at your arks stats. Some are better physical, others not. And if you memorize the def and res of other arks, you can pick which move is better (:

Ah that would depend on who it is you are attacking. For the most part monsters have equal physical defense and magic resist so it really doesnt matter which you choose. Though there are some monsters that may have a higher resist than defense in which case its better to use a physical attack and vice versa. Really you just need to know the stats of the ark you are attacking.

For example if u have a Vegitiger and ur opponent is a Soltusk then u should go with Beastbane because its more effective against it but if u come across a Dragon use dracobane and such , its sometimes just the species

Okay I get it. It’s not really something I’m gonna know unless I’ve used them Ark’s myself then. Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: