Haste not working?

I try to use speed boosts in PVP, and sometimes it doesn’t seem to change any of the TU values. It doesn’t seem to be because of a move the opponent does. Anyone else having this issue?

You say “sometimes”…does it “sometimes” not work for the same Arkie?  Or does it work for some and not another?

If you can document specifics it would help the devs greatly.

^Oje monsters’ haste fails very often. Others work most of the time.

Raioh’s haste doesn’t work often.
Angelon’s haste works often.
Rooknight’s tailwind is off as well…which is unfortunate, because it’s biggest point is thy it can speed itself up and then stun multiple enemies over and over, and then use no defense and then grand slam to victory…doesn’t work if tailwind is iffy.

I lost consecutive because of haste,wtf please fix haste in pvp.

I might as well change my line up and loose to ppl with all the best arkadions

Yeah, Angelon seems to be about 50/50. Vulcaraptor’s tailwind and Gremknight’s haste work pretty often, but I have Angelon first up in my lineup, and if he fails it seems as if no ones speed ability functions. Rooknight’s tailwind seems to be off, at least in how it shows up. A couple of times it hasn’t shown any change in TU, but the moves acted as if changed.

I just had the same problem where angelon haste didn’t work

I have this issue since I started pvp during the first few days and I raise it under the bugs section as well but no respond from dev.

Apparently I don’t agree with the arguement that certain arks haste works better. If under normal play haste works 100% of the time why should this be different in pvp? If pvp cripples haste, the Dev might as well nerf all 9.5 stars and above since they are bullies using brute force.

I find this issue to be true for all no resist (birdy’s evolved version). The damage from my stormfox is the same before and after.

Further when my puffoxin died. There are cases when no revenge damage was dealt and no arks had watervoid.

Tonnes of bugs to be fixed and in my opinion better to be the traditional player of using brute force for the time being

Also works 50/50 for green king
Also only works 50/50 for greenking