Can anyone confirm for definately the starters are found north of orlen? How rare are they!

Thanks in advance

Yes, there are found north of Orlen.

They are extremely rare. They have one of the lowest spawn rates in the entire game.

Good luck!

Do you know what spot theyre in and what percent?

Thanks for the quick response!
Is that the square directly above orlen?

We decided to keep it secret for now, so that y’all can explore most of the world yourselves. 

However, I can confirm that only one type of starter is on the spot directly above Orlen. The others are in other spots for you to try to find out. ^^ 

The spawn rate is lower than 5%. 

Sorry I can’t give you specific numbers; but it makes it more of a challenge to play, you see? But don’t worry, eventually all information will be released. And some people have already figured it out, so if you keep asking around then maybe someone will tell you for sure.

Last I checked, the spawn rate was 0.05% or 1/200. But it often doesn’t seem like that.

Okay, for those who saw my blunder: you saw nothing

It’s not 1/200% or 0.05%; it’s higher than that, so get the horrified looks off your faces haha ^^

These percentages are per battle.

Did Ryan make it higher? I heard 0.05% per monster per battle. As in, 1/200 chance each monster will be a starter.

That would be 0.5% half a percent so for every hundred you would get half 1, for every 200 you get 1

If it were .05% it would be 1/2000

It’s 0.5% chance to spawn per battle.

Right, 0.5% (per monster in battle, not per battle). Not sure why I said 0.05%, actually. Thanks for the correction.

I think maybe it’s the old DIB spawn rate for some rare monsters. Not sure what it was, but I think it was lower in DIB, so if you knew about that perhaps you thought it transferred over to HI as well?

And it’s not a problem. ^^

Sorry for that mistake too, and thanks for correcting it haha

Last starter I need is the chimp, can someone tell me where it’s at?

same area

Keep looking

Same exact spot? I want to know exactly where to look… And what’s the white feathered mon the guy is talking about in the bar in orlen

No, between Argamis and Orlen is all I can give you.

And the other is pearex to the east of Orlen in the forest

@s19 Mags, in what spots did you find the other three?

Frostkit is just above orlen trying to find the others

Eggs lol

Frostkit is in the space directly above Orlen. The earth starter is in the space directly above that.