Starters and Hatchlings

I’m new to this game and I’ve come across these terms a few times. Can someone please explain what these are and the benefits of them?

Thanks you.

Starters are the ones who you chose from in the beginning. Hatchlings are the baby dragons.

Starters fuse into dreadwolf and tremorback

Hatchlings fuse into magmawyrm, and typhoonwyrm. Which fuse into Omegawyrm.

( both starters and hatchlings have to be fully evolved to fuse )

Hope this answers your question!

I think it does. Does it matter whether you get the ark from the first stage of evolution? And why do some arks in the wild have a higher letter? For example a letter B when I have the same ark but evolved at a letter E.

Like I said, I’m a complete noob. Never player dragon island either. But I’m enjoying the game so I want to be able to play it more efficiently.

The higher the grade the higher the chance is to get bonus actions and how higher the grade how rarer They are

What about an ark in the wild at letter B and mine exactly the same at level C. Should I catch it then get rid of mine?

If you see a better grade get it. (: letter grades do not matter much in solo, but matter more in pvp.
Better letter grades
S > A > B > C > D > E

If you have an E and see a D, your better off just looking for a B. I look for A’s and up usually if I am replacing a monster. Or B’s. As for starters and hatchlings, just get one. Even if a bad grade. You can always look again of your up for it.

Thanks for the replies.