I saw a topic about legendaries, was disappointed that don’t have any from the list, but i got Springdrak, or Motordragon when ultra evolves, the newest ones. So just wanted to ask what do you think about him?

I think he’s a great monster he can ruin combos and turn the flow of battle to your favour plus he can get bloodthirst going very fast

Tnx for answer lochi…

I don’t think people know about him too much yet, we will probably get to see with the next event

He summons 2x bronzeshells to enemy field,have double repulse i think when he can swap 2 enemy places with 2 next enemies,he have bloodthirst and electric attack that hits 2x enemies, haven’t ultra evolved him, but i think he gets 1 more attack

There you go :smiley:

This pretty much, he seems decent and certainly with the last event it was shown he can be effective, but he hasn’t been around long enough for people to get a feel for how good he is. 

Thank you all for answers :slight_smile:

Also when you ultra evolve it could you please post some feedback on the tier list thread? Not many people have Motordragon so your input would be valuable, just saying how useful it was, if it functioned on it’s own or needed specific monsters around it.

Thank you!

The last move is knock back next, not an attack. It is a good move that it can knock back the coming enemy~~

Interesting,so knock back next, and sure I’ll post when i ultra evolve him, tnx for answers once again :slight_smile: