Spring event anna vs lector

How on earth are you supposed to defeat lectors team with Anna’s team when you can’t even keep the first fairy alive long enough to have her in in the same line with the last fairy? Seems like an unwinnable battle?

It takes a little luck in terms of the auto protectors actually auto protecting, but it is winnable. Do not protect with the first fairy. Just skip with her. Sacrifice with the blobs who have sacrifice ability. Wait for the others to block and get killed. When the second fairy comes in, do petal storm with the first one, whose turn should be up since you’ve been skipping. Do petal storm as long as she has good health but when you need to, use the other fairy for risky heal on the first fairy. Even if the second fairy dies, you should be able to get the rest of your kills using bloodcrave.

This is the most ridiculous event ever. A strategy game where a special event is released which you can only win with luck. Awesome job devs.

its not really luck based, hahaha, that one was easy. :slight_smile:

It is luck based. It’s luck you don’t loose the first fairy. It’s luck you can heal her without killing through risky heal. And the poisoning by a monsters death pretty much dooms all.

This battle is not “easy”. You were just lucky.

Doesn’t really work when a: poisoned and b: desperate strike all.

Every battle that I do the desperate strike all and poison is what kills me.

This battle design wasn’t thought through by the looks of it.

Done it about 20 times and still lose. I have written an email to the developers. Probably won’t make a difference at all though.

Lmao, it was easy AF, u dont have to be lucky at all, consider it another lector arena

I just spam aoe moves of all mons and when the summoning monsters will almost die I use sacrifice summon for rockoids which help later. 2 ultra quakes from syg will kill leo so you have bloodcrave charged already. :slight_smile:

If it’s that easy why don’t you tell us how it’s done oh wise one. Also, hardly any need to swear, even if it’s a acronym.

Easy for lucky people.

I don’t know what AOE means. *sigh*

Also 2 ultra quakes will not kill leo on their own nor is leo the problem. It is the poisoning and desperate attacks that are the problems. Your strategy does not take that into account and doesn’t work unless you are lucky to have the fairies surviving. Also two ultraquakes doesn’t make bloodcrave activate either.

Did it after 15 tries doing the same thing.

I did it about 20 times too, 18 times of it the first fairy died although there were 3 auto protectors on the field, the 19th try the first fairy survived, the second came in all went fine until the summoned rockoids didn’t block again. On the 20th time all went well -> because of luck

Just because you had luck on the first try and didn’t recognize how luck based this is doesn’t mean it is not luck based my friends

Area of effect.

I presume that means the multi target skills. If so that’s a stupid name for it.

Did it in 2 tries, 1st try was a mistake, I used poison touch on chrome and I forgot its immune so yeah. :3

Luck plays a part in everything, mate. Both in life, and in this game itself. It may be a strategy based game, but there is still an element of luck to it.

You win some and you lose some. The important thing is to have some faith and keep going at it. You’ll get it eventually.

Good luck :wink:

You only need luck on risky heal once, or at least the way i did it.
Use aoe with everyone, have the fairy with low TU when the second fairy is coming, summon rocks.kill sang, kill leo, stun flash, then just start killing everything, you might need to risky heal once, dont remember were

First time my monster survived risky heal I beat it

It is luck-based for sure. Had tried around 50 times and experienced numerous ways of losses.

I have no idea why people struggle a lot with this level, done it on the first try :confused:

Took me about 15 times until i managed to save the first fairy and win it.