Showdown at old Corrolan...

Excuse the rant to follow. I feel like I need a winge.

So… Am I missing something, or is this a complete waste of tickets based entirely on luck. I am on the final stage and have beaten the first round a couple times only to fail on the second. Unlike other double legged story fights, if you lose on the second you need to beat the first again. That’s all well and good, but It’s extremely frustrating that doing the exact same method or techniques works one round and then gets totally wiped out the next. Is this an event that was designed prior to monster re-works or buffs? I honestly can’t believe the seemingly random nature of the AI targeting… This event is about to make me quit… Can someone provide a guiding light here. Other side events require that I finish this horrific ordeal…

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Excuse the rant. Obviously getting my frustrations out helped me to see the path. I beat it the next try. That said however, I stand by my post above. That was a huge pain… Haha

It can be a huge pain. RNG can mess you up and also, as the event was released 4 or 5 years ago, some recent balance changes to the monsters that you face in the event can sometimes break the puzzle. These things can go unnoticed by devs so if you encounter something like that, feel free to rant!

2nd form Penguinator got Excessive Force removed if I remember correctly it might have affected some battles.

I have to agree especially for this event. I also started it a while ago and found it interesting to play with the mechanics of the featured monsters, until I was repeatedly beaten by what did not seem like a puzzle I had not figured out yet, but just frustrating rng.

Even looking up video guides didn’t help a lot, as those are mostly obsolete, with monsters having different moves or TUs, breaking the strategy used for the current state of the game. As for this event specifically, I decided at stage 6 that my tickets are better spent elsewhere for now.

Would love to see that updated though.

If you can persevere, it unlocks a whole heap of other events with great rewards. But I definitely feel your pain. I found killing tiamazus asap was the key

Just go on yt and copy it ez

Rion oktavianto has a complete series of video on this and all are latest only 10 months ago. Ldn tio OOO too has but it was of 3 years ago

Well thanks to your replies I went back in and fought through battle 6, following Rion oktavianto’s video on it - still cost me about 10 tries, the differences weirded me out. The monsters have different starting points (as in who goes first) by up to 3 or 4 slots, which sometimes totally changes up the pace of the fight and how/when you are able to kill something.

The 4 starting slots were totally changing between those monsters, and with lavaronix and tiamazus they even changed their order for the first turn despite being around 15 TU apart. In the games where tiamazus went first, lavaronix just gave him a turn after, chomping through my monsters with poison eater, leading to my (as far as I can judge) inevitable defeat. Change their order on another try, lavaronix goes assisted flame without even killing it’s target, totally different story.

Anyhow, love your support and can’t wait to check the newly unlocked stories (and their rewards, let’s be honest, that’s what kept me trying)! Thanks :slight_smile:


The battle have changed even more i finally cleared it i’ve done first few steps according to rion oktavianto but after then u gotta use brains

Na you can just copy the way with trekking a little everything else is same

the second part of last fight is drastically changed u gotta use some wit to get past

Na I just won in first try lol

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LOL im a newbie

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You can clear everything in first try after the second part.Its not really that tough