Couple of my Suggestions and Opinions on this game.


How about making the act 2 & 3 open world too? It would ruin the mana thing though but I was thinking about how in the world can we awaken any of the 4 star unique monsters that are only available on act 1? Or how about just making an open world map and have people hunt for unique 4 stars in that map alone? This game was advertised as a Pokémon-like game so I was just frustrated by the fact that after act 1, there’s no other way of catching monsters or obtaining them specially the unique ones except thru gatcha, and 4 stars aren’t even there.

In the end, the players would just heavily rely on soul stones to get everything they need and it’s not healthy.


They could’ve used the map for Act 1 for later acts, and added new areas here and there that are unlocked in later acts


Agreed. Act 2 and 3 actually made the game bad.