Some suggestions on ticket exchange

Is it possible to exchange 10 or 20 legendary tickets for 1 mythical ticket in the future, or to exchange each reasonable legendary ticket for a mythical ticket, otherwise it is difficult for the old players to wake up without recharging one

This is already been discussed and for the moment is not gonna be done, in future the rate will be 1 mythical ticket every 50 legendary ticket. Discussed this issue with devs myself.

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50 legendary thats not fair

Is what is been told…

6* tickets are to be spent on legendaries (or other special monsters)
7* tickets are to be spent on mythics

Rather than trying to change their design I think it would be better to focus requests on the release of them. If we have a chance to get 7* tickets somewhere to help us awaken the mythics we’ve got that would be a lot better than us being incentivised to save up 6* tickets to inefficiently turn them into 7* tickets.


That’s great. At least there’s a chance to get a seven star ticket