Suggestion: Trade in mythics for myth tickets

So since most of us will never be able to awake a mythic (especially f2p players) and especially when its a limited mythic give us the possibility to trade in a mythic we are sure we will never use or never be able to awake it anyway for a Mythic ticket we can use on the mythics we actually want to use. I could imagine that quite a few of us would be happy if they could trade in a mythic they have no use for for a mythic ticket they are actually happy to use.



This please.

I would trade my ■■■■ yuki thing and void for tickets any day

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Yes but how does this give NTTR more money?


The problem is that tickets are 3:1 with shards. While some people may use this, I don’t think it really adds much to the game. Instead I think we should be asking about getting 7* tickets from time to time from a PvE event. For example, if we got a ticket, say, every 2 months we’d realistically be able to awaken a specific mythic even if we were F2P.



Yeah, but I suppose, if they would have wanted us to get tickets from events, they already would have made it happen. In an ideal scenario in which NTTR allows the devs to do whats best for the game your solution would cleary be the way to go. But sadly it doesnt look like it but something has to happen. Either mythic in second forms need to be more viable or they should give us a way to trade in mythics that we will never use and never have chance to awake. Sometimes I think that even a single shard would be better than onyxia second form

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I think UC GK 700/1000, DC 95, SOTF 200 etc would be an excellent reward.

But again, how does this make the Devs money?

Meanwhile at Neomon HQ:

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If this happens then I’ll surely get my last dupe of sakura and awaken it

Ladies at neomon HQ?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::frowning:

AGREED. I have 4 mythics, and I would LOVE to get rid of 3 of them to awaken terraghoul.

What myths do you have?

Also that would be 3 mythics for 1 terraghoul, not 3.

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Reindra, frostwings, and xy-450m, not including terraghoul. Also typo on that last part?