Arkadion exchange

it would be nice to have a place where players can exchange the Arkadion with other players who maybe want a Arkadion that I own

This would ruin any value of the arkadions so far

Wonder trading.

Yeah that u just sent out an arkadion to trade but dont know what u Will recieve

I have think:
You can chose the arkadion to trade and what arkadion you want recieve and a out the rank ( or B or more, or C D E)

That would ruin the game because then u can get anything and then there is no point in the golden eggs…

Here is the solution to trading

I still think its too early for trading! I would rather see an ingame name and ingame chat.

I disagree with Ingame chat, personally.

Or sell same arkadion for gold, like i sell one 9 star arkadion for about 500 gold

Why do u disagree with an ingame chat, ofcourse it would have bad things like :

  • A full server

  • Freezing of the game

  • App crash

  • Connection error.

But it will also give u good things like :

  • A forum link

  • A Great community

  • More players to talk to then on here

  • When people refer to the forum u get alot of new ppl on here

  • A game that more ppl will play because u can talk to others.