Sleep counter

Ok, so we got alot of natural stun counters: leo, chocolate dude, stun absorders, stun immue and etc…

And because of those, stun can be really useless in a lot of situations

Problem is, there is NO COUNTER to sleep. You got only bane as a counter, which you wont hatch easily. Other then that, you got purify - which will be the first target to put to sleep, and a start of a killing rampage from your enemy. And last - poison gas, which is to random, may really hurt you, and not on enough useable monsters.

The fact is, sleep is highly overpowerd. If it catches you, and its not hard considering all those SS, goldtail, sleep enters and etc, you really dont have a chance.


No counter.

Please, devs, give us something to work with. And not a “one in a life time hatch” legendey, but a featured SE that we all can get. I dont know what skill will help, maybe sleep imue + purify, or anything that you think will balance things up.

Diredemon stops all sleep instantly. I wouldn’t say no to giving Shadowyrm it though. Although excessive force I would prefer.

Diredemon is a super epic.

I have bane though. So I don’t have many problems with sleep.

The thing about sleep is that it is easily counterable. You just have to stop it before it happens. Bane just extends that time indefinitely.

Forgot about diredemon.
He has a nice counter with protect, but all he can do is buy sometime. He is very hard to use as attacker, you will need a very specific setup to make him work. And beside, you cant realy put him on the middle of your team, where most of the sleepers usually are (except SS).
He’s great, but i believe we need more. Much more.

And stop it before ot happens is something we all try to do, but sometimes sleep enteries got you badly, and TU can be a problem. So the problem is, when it starts - theres no stoping.

SE Stunning Entrance Healers are a nice thrifty option with purify

The thing about diredemon is that you put him in so that he comes in after the sleep lock has been established. So that he can come in and be able to use protect and then sleep roulette without effecting your team until they wake up. Vs a sleep team he will buy you more then 320 seconds of time. Which is long enough to make sure all your guys wake up and permanently break the sleep lock.

You definitely can put him in your midgame as a protector.

An event monster with roaring entrance and purify would be great or with sleep absorb.

God that’s the last thing we need. Just god no…

LOL, I forgot about UC.

You said no counters yet named three yourself :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Just give us a SE with same passive as bane. With the deer we’ll have a double potent sleep all and it’ll just get unplayable… I’m already against a luck based strategy but if you even push it then that’s masochism. Players don’t like too much random in a game. It’s the opposite.

While I do think that an SE toxic entrance would be good, I don’t think that there are no counters to sleep. The most obvious being Abyssraider, one good poison gas and they’re done. Drakozord is pretty effective too.

I should also mention how hard of a counter bane is. I’ve been running cannibalise into bane and a LOT of people insta concede if they come up against me using SS. It’s not just a counter it’s basically so hard it’s a free win.

Abyss is an old featured monsters, which alot of us dont have. and his counter is kinda good. Not great. We need something new. Se with toxoc entrance sounds great (without dual poison eater ofcourse).

And Scottyftwk - just mentioned some of the counters and why they are not good enough, and that there are not enough of them (unlike stun counters). Please, read again.

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Sleep is too hard to set up
Doesnt need more counters