neo's combat a.i

Why does neomons ai often does following

Killing monster with highest Tu.

Killing sleeping monsters

Keep on using move like stun pulse on sleeping monsters

Spaming aoe on monster with camo

Use move like poison touch ,sleep on insomic/poison immune , but it does not use stun move when opponent have stun counter.

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They are to make battles easier and exploitable to some extent.


Yeh, but it’s not so fun when you are using auto mode, and your team begins to do the same.

They often don’t kill sleeping monsters. They play quite smartly, but not at the same level as a person and they make many predictable choices… that’s all so you can beat them more easily and exploit some things.

If there’s anything stupid a specific monster is doing then point it out. The Devs are happy to fix some things which are obviously wrong.


F.d stun,sleep and beetlebrute do this a lot.(these three keep on targeting same monsters)

F.d auto protect have few time sacrifed last monster to heal even when I usually have moku or lemon in last.

These are the one I remember because they were really silly. Maybe u can create a new thread so everyone can list such encounters.

I‘ve seen some weird stuff like today in Dungeon Challenge. The green FD Flutter tried many times to put my Angelion to sleep…

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That’s how I defeated the great captain of the Khanate. Arborgias couldn’t use SOLO, RAW or LINK Deathstroke, his only effective move was Kinslayer on Vegitiger.

And they got stunned for a long time. Enough to trigger death sentence and give Rattlesnake enough time to kill Arborgias and Nukespider.

I’m sorry, @DMGInterference :pensive:

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Yeah , ai avoid stun flash like move against stun counters but it’s different for sleep and poison and camouflage.

How dare you… 1v1 me no items Final Destination Arborgias only


I’ve been meaning to make a more in-depth topic about this for a while. I’ll keep on testing, but long story short, the AI is semi-random to prevent action loops and make it less easy to exploit. However, this sometimes leads to it doing something extremely stupid

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