Sleep teams

Hi guys, during the anniversary I pulled a decent amount of monsters with sleep abilities including oni and wrathcapt. I just wanted to know if the sleep mechanic is still as strong as it was in the past, especially in pvp mode. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions!

Sleep is still strong, but there are alot of counters to it. In low-mod tier you will meet alot of poison teams, and cobra is very common in top tier too. There are alot of new sleep immues too.

Still, with the right build sleep can still be great, if it hits it hits hard, and oni + wraith are a great combo together

Totally viable, especially if you have some dreamy entrance. Sleep monsters are slow so it really helps to have some dreamy entrance to slow down the enemy team and help start things off. They’re better to use in the middle or end of your team where you are wanting to make a comeback.

Using them in the front of your team won’t work because of their slow speed… your team will get torn apart. However, in the recent PvP the top guy was able to set up sleep with the front 7-8 monsters because of dreamy entrance and Onigeist (Onigeist is very difficult to kill). It’s important to note he wasn’t using ALL sleep monsters there. He was using some great monsters anyway and sleep was one component of it.

Short answer yes. But looking at the festival monsters poison might be a little more prevalent. I wouldn’t build 100% sleep

Thank you for your opinions, I Will try to build a good team with your advise! I was going for magga for a good poison but ended up with log of sleepers :joy: got the pumpking so not disappointed

I pulled 2 monster with sleep immunity (Angelion, Pumpking) so I think sleep teams are dying :smile: and Im wondering why stormloch and shadowhunter still dont have some good secret skill like sleep immunity killer :smiley:

Dreamhunt all :heart_eyes:

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Because everybody has them and the devs wont make any money off of then.

Swift toxic killer would be a great skill for them to have.

Watch out for Centaureon though. What he does well is annihilate sleep monsters in Pvp.

Last PvP only one using centaurion was RNA Kei, and some ldn dude ( can’t remember his name)

Other than that no one used it !!

The raw makes it so much limiting it’s own potential

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I used him too, mostly to purify and kill oak.