The new monster that is a UC reward seems to be pretty mad. If it’s sleep immune you can combine it with every one on one dude (especially Oniblade) and sweep through the frontlines. Very interesting. What are your thoughts?

I smell a sleep meta in the wings.
This + 80 speed epic one on one / oniblade = a very good front

I wonder what are the other two moves. It could be really interesting. Curious on his speed too

did it had to be sleep roulette. couldnt it be normal sleep

Its a good Mon bcoz when you have a sleep team and have a sleep bomber you don’t want to place a dreamhunter in your rainforcement

Put it with Aegis in the frontline to stop kami/shadowyrm, and it’s like a guaranteed at least a kill.

Unless poison comes in right after, so literally bane seems like the main counter? I wonder if that’s really narrowing/ will change the game similar to chrono

Oniblade, diredemon, Aegis, Stun Absorber? or maybe Leg TT instead of stun absorber.

That mon would be a pain to play against in UC if it has an AoE attack.

Seems that every 2 weeks we get an UC. Tbh i am tired of it so i’ll be taking a break from getting top50 for a while…

Yeah he might be annoying if u cant sleep him in UC.

Diredemon + Leo: a disaster is coming in the next UC.

lol, well as long as there’s no knockback immune :stuck_out_tongue: (don’t take this as an idea devs…)

Give it to rexo please. Knockback immune.:stuck_out_tongue:

Give rexo knockback immune and double the rate of its suicide.

Lol. I think sudden death should not be able to hit rexo imo. Currently he dies extremely often when it should only be 1 in 8.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: haha

I think a protector could use knock back(and repulse) immunity more effectively , give aegis that I dont mind :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

It’s karma bro :joy::joy::joy::joy:

And, About that aegis + oniblade + dire front, if you have oni then there is no need at all to place dire along with it as on I can dreamhunt on his own, and honestly release of dire just reduced the importance of oni even if only by a bit, not only dire would singlehandedly counter oni front but also along with a fast one on one combination it can become almost as good as oniblade, just a bit slower and 2 monsters instead of 1.

Actually, my rexo has hit itself 8/12 times now. Definitely not karma.

Rexos sudden death is anything but 1/8. Feels the same with death revenge. I always kill my self!

This guy is pretty much a rehashed hiberzor, just trying to succeed where zor didn’t. I wonder if sleep immunity will help his case. Hiberzor’s undisputed primary weakness is hitting himself with it, now that’ll be taken away. The question that remains is whether he has purify. On the one hand, having it will make him stupidly similar to hiberzor, and the completely undeniable superior one of the two. But on the other hand, without it, it can get pretty bad if you sleep a teammate and have no means to wake them up. Plus, even though he can’t be put to sleep, the roulette can still hit him, and by doing so result in a wasted turn.

he can´t have purify would be broken with oniblade

I think Diredemon will have purify, sleep roulette, dream hunt, and another different move that’s not sweet dreams which is unique to Hiberzor which could be the only difference between them besides the passive.

It won’t have purify. If that’s the case the devs have gone completely mad.