Moments that make me fed up

I have been playing the game for 2 months now or in other words before it was
Bikini overpowered monsters era.

Time and time again I see some monsters that make me wonder Htf is this even allowed, to make a monster so overpowered.

Like lemon comes and makes everyone sleep and then dreamhunts. Yeah f that
But that is still understandable as the counter is Purify If your upcoming monster has it.

But I juts saw rune dragon merge with a knight and it became rune conquerer who keeps gaining 2000hp per turn. I attacked with 300sec megablast, bloodcrave, powetslash as well
2000 f###ing HP regained every turn.

What the f man!!!

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To be fair, the Runedragon power is difficult to pull off as it has a time restriction. Yes, the mythic form is dangerously strong, but their are ways to counter everything. Poison is the best answer in terms of the Runedragon as Lordsreign and Runedragon will be poisoned and since Lords has Auto Protect, it ensures it will die before the dragon gets a turn if you focus on it. Yes, Rune is hugely powerful on it’s own, but it can be dealt with. It’s one of the stronger Confident Strike mons in the game, but like I said with the Poison tick it will never have a turn quite at full HP, so it can be handled that way.

As for Lemon, the sleep is strong, but Purifiers can handle it, any Protector/Autoprotector can deal with it as most have Hold Ground so Lemons cant one shot with Dreamhunt, Poison also deals with this and since Lemon is mostly being used towards the endgame and Poison is one of the stronger endgame right now anyways it already counters it extremely hard, monsters with Insomnia and Sleep Immune like Bunkerbeast, Angelion, Diredemon can direct counter it by being Sleep Immune with Protect directing Lemons Dreamhunts at it while your Diredemon goes ahead and Dreamhunts your opponents team away, many things with Roaring Entrance have an answer to Lemon although I dont think theres a Roaring Entrance Mon with Sleep Killer unless Chromera has it… not sure.

Point is it’s ok to be frustrated with things, but you are also still very fresh to the game. As your collection increases you’ll be able to tailor your team to counter specific threats as you go.

You must be talking about PvE with the Runedragon because those attacks would usually kill it. Often PvE monsters are buffed which makes Rune hard to play against

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Runedragon heals just as it gets a turn so poison tick doesn’t bring it below 100%. The same is true of confident strike monsters with second wind now, since they changed 1TU skills to be 0TU (this affects Jingledragon and Dusicyon).

Centaureon has roaring entrance, nightwatch (double sleep killer) and instant purify. It’s the perfect Lemon counter.

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Like Duscy needed a buff :man_facepalming:t2:

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What if they made leech slightly higher tu?