I know you play it. Don’t deny it.

So, gab at me. What’s your favourite archtype? Favourite weapon, quest, Daedric Prince? Have you discovered any awesome strategies for defeating the Ebony Warrior? Have you maxed out every skill? 

I’m a sucker for Bosmer archers, but my favourite character has been a Dunmer named Malys; she’s an archer and an assassin and her backstory is so built up. I played her in Oblivion and when I found out that Skyrim took place only two hundred years after the Oblivion crisis, I had to recreate her in Skyrim. 

Talk Skyrim to me, hunters!

I like the good ol’ heavy armor sword-n shield. My only character is a Nord, and since I had never played any Elder Scroll before, he has no backstory \o/

To be fair, I’m more of a Fallout player (that’s an euphemism to say I’m a total fan of New Vegas, never get me started on that or I will never shut up), so I don’t have much to say about it, but still. : P

Honestly I think it misses a true scenario and a better AI, two things Fallout New Vegas has by the way : P

I bought Skyrim because dragons. That was it. I had only ever played Morrowind once and that was for all of two hours so yeah…

I quite enjoyed the game for the 120-something hours I played it but I completed it all, got a wife, got full enchanted daedric armour, full daedric weaponry, almost full skill sets, so I stopped. I got a couple of the DLCs when they were free in a sale but I never made use of them

Mods make Skyrim…well at least now they do.

Considering I have almost 200 mods I have to agree.

that…is a lot.

I know… I don’t play much anymore.

Necromancer all the way!

of course, every necromancer needs to use some destruction magic.  and two swords.  and heavy Armour…

huh. im not really sure what to call that.  Necromage?  War mage? egh…

but I have a seriously awesome back story…

during the oblivion crisis, an strange white argonian was arrested for heresy and placed in the imperial prison…and proceeded to cause all kinds of trouble. the stores are many, and various, but all reach one end - he was invaluble to traning martin septim, and helping during the oblivion crisis.  His name was found to be Mantorok…Mantorok the white.

after his days of adventuring, he amassed his wealth, gave it all to his brother in leyawinn, and left for parts unknown. Argonia, of course.

His family squandered their wealth (as those who gain money are apt to do), and returned to being a normal argonian nest.  Until his nephew Sozthen emerged, hundreds of years later, and headed for skyrim.  Urged on by dreams of mantorok the white.  He was young, his coloring was normal, but this black magic pervaded him.  It was not long before he too was taken prisoner, but he proved to be dragonborn!  unfortunately, he never felt complete.  He felt he had a solution, and got married, staying in winterhold for a few more years.  Then, on a routine adventure to clear a nest of vampires, he fell victim to the disease. Vampirism took complete control, and he decided not to be cured.  He would drain his wife and be forever powerful, young and complete.  No one knows what happened next, but he fled winterhold and his wife was never heard from nor seen again.  In his wanderings, he found the power of the vampire lord, and took control of the coven there.  And they say, that if you walk along just the right shore, at just the right time, the vampire hawks can still be seen, and if your lucky, the lizard dracopyre may even have his way with you.