Is kamiwyrm and necrodrake worth it???

I got 3 arks from PvP and maybe one if them was worth the time. I’m sure I won’t reach kamiwyrm any time right now but is necrodrake worth the time???

Yes it does incredible damage. lv99 with no guard, rend does over 10000 damage.

I feel necrodrake is pretty bad, atleast in pvp. It dies so easily and is very weak to holy.

That’s a huge problem with dark arks in PvP I often kill destructor pretty fast.
But for the main story is good then!!! I mean I already have omegawyrm which is by far my best ark. Working on dread wolf now.

The main story, yes. Necrodrake is among my favorite arkadions for solo-play.

PvP… haha. ^^;

Good luck on your dreadwolf!

kamiwyrm on the other hand is incredibly powerful but impossible to get… literally… impossible

I believe Cyrowyrm is better than Kamiwyrm. Just in my personal opinion.

Not literally impossible .

Just time consuming

It also was not meant to be acquirable this early in the game’s life cycle. It is a long term goal for players to work for, and a reason to continue to play PVP

It’s always good to not make things too easy but having them too hard is bad as well!!! I’m barely at 19.1K diamonds at this rate I’ll reach kamiwyrm by hunter island 2 lmao!!!

Kamiwyrm: worth it both in PvP and single player.

Necrodrake: worth it in single player.

^ is right