I'm new here

Hi guys I’m new here. Let’s introduce ourselves


I’m ArcticTheHunter. I’m mostly known for loving Hunter Island and and for being the person to become a Regular in the shortest amount of time. I like playing through the game multiple times to try out different strategies, and generally am more interested in PvE than PvP. My favorite monster overall is Frostkit, and my favorite monster to fight with is Novadrake. I have been playing on my main account for over 1 year. My favorite topic is here.

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Oh, and @NMEGaryOak isn’t actually a mod, regardless of the popular demand for it


Hi :blush: I’m Lemon. I often help players with their teams :blush: welcome to the forum

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Lemon, Killerdog, and Mr. X are the best players here. Heed their advice

Hello @Smil I’m SheriffGotBan, I got banned from NeoMonsters once and had to start over. I’m quite known for my somewhat funny but somewhat dead memes, you can check out the meme neo thread to get a good laugh, definitely worth your time. I really hope you enjoy your stay.

My friend code is 54790304, @ArcticTheHunter, I’d also like you to add me in game too :PPP

Helo @Smil

Welcom to the neomon forum!


That pretty much sums up :duck:

Hi @ArcticTheHunter pleasure to meet you. I hope I can learn many things from u guys. My favourite monster is Kanna

Hi @LemonSqueezy I’m glad to meet you. I will ask help when I need it. Thanks for saying that u will be there for helping

Yep I will consider suggestions and take the help from them

Hello @NMEduck Glad to meet you

Hi @Killerdawg pleasure to meet you. I will definitely check the memes. Also may ik why u got banned

Hi @Smil

Hi @Professor_Oak Glad to meet you

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Hi @Smil
I am xCHEEMAx, you can call me Cheema. I am known for spamming the properties of Bungee Gum.
Meet our Moderators

@LemonSqueezy is the one you would approach of you need help team-building.
@NMEGaryOak is the person you would approach if you need to get yourself trolled.
@NMEduck is the one who will tell you some duck lores, don’t forget to ask about the sugar cube which looked like a crouton.
@DevilsMisfortune is the poison expert.
@DMGBonanoe is the Moji leader

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Hi @SPN_GOAT I’m glad to meet you. And thanks for introducing others too.

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I’m the one to ask if you want to be bombarded with information about HI.

Finally someone asked!!!

It was a dark and stormy night. I was playing my rank 65 account, with only 1 legendary! about 3 -2.5 years ago. I had been struggling to fight of the khanate to earn gems and pvp was even worse. Suddenly a gust of wind struck the tree next to my window, causing it to howl like a pack of savage wolves. It was then, I had the idea to search on chrome. “Neo Monsters Mod apk v…” I took the mod with unlimited team costs, unlimited de age fruits and silver, and my account went STONKS.

To play it smart, I tried to install the normal apk over that apk, to hid the traces of the mod, and it worked!
I had lost the de age and sl, but my cost was in the thousands. I managed to struggle in the wilderness fighting off those blast*d khanates, but the pvp man, teh PVP!!!

I decided to tribute summon my best card " NEO MONSTERS HACK CAPTURE THE UN CAPTURABLE!"

I installed it, captured a whole lot of mons, but little did I know you can’t even use those mons in battle.

As if in a chain reaction, the devs revealed their faced down card “Blast held by a tribute”

Thus, one morning I woke up and happily looked at neo and there was that sad message when I clicked on the online section


On a side note:

I started spamming for forgiveness, and like a few months later, I downloaded back the app and strangely, they removed me. YES I’m honest, I thought it was a glitch in their non invested system at the time.
Unfortunately, the pay to win was still supreme, and I had uninstalled it again. Then as a monster capture rpg lover, I installed it and decided to love it and play But ALAS, it was too late.

Every response was “We are sorry, Unfortunately you voilated our terms of service”


It took me like 5 - 11 months to decide to start over. The game has a complete makeover and My account is 94 and shining.

I still had Sheriff. Recently they deleted all the banned accounts, and sheriff was reduced to atoms.


TODAY, THE LEGACY of Sheriff lives on inside SheriffGotBan, def add me on neo