Skill ideas :D

Hey guys, I’m quite new here . I’ve played DIB for around 100 hours ( I think ). I was really amazed by how unique skills can be in DIB, lol not like pokemons nub normal attacks.

I wonder what new skills will come out in HI this time. So while waiting for the game, lets give some ideas for the skills that you think would be cool for the game. Please use the format below to post your ideas. ( oh btw zigza games will be launching cosmic island at 2014 :smiley: )

Format :

Skill Name ( Type )
Skill damage ( reflected at lv 1 )
Skill effects
TU usage

Good idea.  In particular think of skills that would utilize some certain strategy when employed in PvP.  

I won’t reveal anything from HI, but just as an example the Morpheus attack which affected sleeping opponents.  By itself it was weak, but combined with another sleeper attack it was KABOOM!

My thoughts are probably already too biased by things I’ve seen in HI, so I shall remain an onlooker.

OK, maybe just one: How about an attack that completely shields the whole party, however, it costs a good deal of TU, maybe 250-300 and it also stuns your team for maybe 100 TU.  

Skill Name: open to suggestions but “Safehouse”

Skill damage: none

Skill effects: Prevents damage to all allies for 100 TU, but also stuns allies for 100 TU

TU usage: 250 TU

This stems from a strategy in Geomon where you essentially tried to waste the opponents turn. and energy points.  I’m not sure i can explain it completely but each player submitted their move for that turn and the server would then resolve the turn based on your speed.  In some situations if you knew the opponent was going to use their nuke attack, you could either switch to a tank or a shielder which would absorb the attack, or you could swap to a monster that was about to die anyway.  This left your attacker at full health and now the opponent has to replenish energy.  

In Hunter Island TU terms, if you saw your opponent with a nuke type nearly at the top of the TU stack, you could neutralize the damage they do at a cost of losing some TU for your whole team.  But at least they don’t die right?  And if the opponent wasted 250 TU for that attack, your team’s stun will hurt less than what it cost the opponent.  

Nice idea! That’s a really balanced skill you have there. But then if you used the skill, wouldn’t the opponent know and starts throwing low TU attacks?

Few of my ideas :

Force field - Life

Effect - + 1 HP to both allies ( not this monster ) per 5% health loss by enemy attack for 250 TU. ( HP boost increases slowly per level )
TU : 250

Mass Drain - Death
35-50 ( All )
Effect : 50% of all damage dealt is converted into HP for this monster. This skill will not work on monsters that has negative status effects.
TU : 250

Reversal Blast - None
22-40 ( single target )
Effect : 300% vs opposite element, 50% vs same element.
TU : 130

Great idea!Haha im not sure if you mean shield,tornado,or amnesia for that move that can block enemies.

It’s a type of move also inspired by a geomon move that if you predict what the oponent’s move will be,it does 2x the damage.

Skill Name:Feint (looking for suggestions)
Skill damage:about 500,prediction 1000
Sill Effects:Stunned for next 2 turns

If this is a little OP,im fine with a few suggestions in the move XP

I want a type of move that does insane damage to your opponent, but does recoil damage to you also. (like double-edge, flare blitz, etc. in pokemon)

Skill Name: Double-Edged Sword Technique

Skill Damage: (Not sure about this one) 1800

Skill Effects: Take half of the damage inflicted

TU: 130

I don’t really know if the skill damage is too high though.

Seeing as the moves are the same as how it worked in dib, that would make any monster i the same level and species have the exact same moves. Now i have another idea.

What if there was a 4 move ability web. There would be 4 circles one inside the other. On the outside there would be 4 moves you can choose from, the weaker moves. You’d pick one, then continue down the web. You’d then hve two options, but only the moves to the left and right of the move you picked. Then you’d continue down the circle, and pick one of 2 moves to the left or right of the one you picked last. Then after that, you’d move to the innermost circle, and you’d pick one of two of the signature moves or best moves for that monster (such as tornado in dib or judgement) . for an ability tree, that would go the same way.

ability tree


ability web


so for the ability web, it would be

first circle : weaker moves (no guard, blitz)
second circle : medium moves (sky dive, death sentance, etc)
third circle: strong moves (sacrifice, explosion, etc)
last circle:signature moves (armageddon, judgement, ect)

There is already a monster that does high damage and takes damage from its attack. It’s VERY powerful, and it has a backup skill as well. But I will not provide spoilers. I’ll just say it’s going to be rare, so you won’t have to worry about people spamming that backup skill on you.

but a major problem with this would be youd need a bunch more moves for each invividual monster to learn.


Trust me…

I’ll spend years tying to get that >.<

Gentle touch
Always leaves 1 hp left/cannot ko monsters
150-250 tu
Would be usefull for gaining low level monsters


Reflects amount of damage done back at attacker

Randomly knocks out 1-6 monsters in either side
Kills this monster
250 tu

There is already a bonzi like skill, i believe it is gamble, skullwraith has it.

Comments in bold. ^^

It is roulette and it’s similar. It randomly does a large amount of damage to one monster on the field

With gentle touch you may have understood me wrong it does a low amount of damage and cannot kill so you would have to use it umpteen times to do anything but not have to worry about killing what your going after…

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Ah! I see what you mean, Manic!

I totally agree, that would be an awesome skill! Though people may complain about it haha, so probably stick it on a Moji or something.

Kookie I don’t think he meant instantly putting the monster at 1hp; more of an attack that hit for a specific amount of damage but could never kill the opposing creature.

Yeah, he explained that to me and I got it. Sorry!