Monster ideas

Ok so we have skill ideas and I thought it’d be cool to have a topic where we create our own moves with its skills and typing

My mon is a water type called sublantic which has a move called submerge which makes him go “underwater” which stealths him for 2 AOE attacks even if he’s hit with a direct attack and it does critical damage to all mons after he’s hit with 2 AOEs after he uses the move. he also has an AOE, bloodthirst / bloodfury and has a 4th move (can’t think of one maybe 400 sec mega bomb) he’s a 6 star he is also stun immune and have hold ground, he could also be a ground type and submerge would be called, bury. He might be a bit op but at the same time he wouldn’t be.

How about a Water Mon with Give Turn or Team Turn. That would be nice.

Seahowl? Stun immune as well

He’s on curse island

Good thing I searched because I was gonna bump an older monster suggestion thread. Anyhow, I just followed the same format it had. Sorry for long post and a lot of these skills might need balancing.


Baci => Bacum => Bacilus




Infiltrate (1 time skill) : This monster goes into the opponent’s lineup. (This skill only works one time per match.)

Contaminate (100 sec): causes all teammate’s to double skill recharge times.

Replicate (250 sec): create a copy of this monster with one health. (Copies are doubled each time e.g. 1->2->4)

Bolster (100 sec): Increase target monster’s attack but reduce its defense.


Stun Immunity

Resiliency (When attacked by the same skill consecutively this monster becomes resistant to it and reduce damage by half.)


HP 2500

ATK 2200

DEF 4000

SPD 80%


Phish => Phohax => Praxia


Artificial (weak against Fire/Water/Storm/Earth)


Fragmentation (200 sec): This monster loses health and creates a copy of itself.

Destabilize (50 sec): reduce target monster’s defense.

Torment (1 time skill): deals damage to one monster. Each turn the damage is doubled.

Take Turn (150 sec): This skill gives the user another turn. However, next skill used the time is doubled.




HP 2800

ATK 3200

DEF 2500

SPD 35%


??? => Falicia  => Paradoxia




Mesmerize (250 sec): Take control of target monster this turn.

Illusion of Sloth (100 sec): cause target monster to gain all of the time upkeep from other monster’s this turn.

Illusion of Power (1 time skill): Whenever target monster destroys another monster their attack increases dramatically, but sacrifices a teammate.

Risky Heal All


Hold Ground


HP 4560

ATK 3000

DEF 2500

SPD 55%

2nd legendaries first move is already a thing, blood clone next and the move torment is crescendo strike / blast

He means that you can mark a monster with an escalating poison basically.
New legend: Blorg

Evolution: Bluk-> Bildge -> Blorg
Massive black floating alien slimeball.

Dark type

Death sentence single(reuseable) 160 sec.
Protect focus
Nightmare(cast on target sleeping monster. It deals damage and heals Blorg by 50% of the damage dealt. This is a DoT that lasts for 5 turns and does 200-300 damage each time.)

Passives: hold ground, Grow(every kill increases defense by 10%. Extra defense is ignored by protector killer.)

Health: 3000
Attack: 3000
Defense: 4500
Speed: 40%

Idea for this is a protect focus monster that isnt completely useless after he uses protect focus. Might be a little OP.

Yea, Zard is right. I wanted to see if we could get a more dangerous damage over time skill introduced. :slight_smile: And I thought it might be cool to have a bacteria/virus-like monster.

Blorg seems real cool. It reminds me of the Blob or Cthulu. Which reminds me that we need more otherworldly monsters in game. I really like the idea behind this monster. It can support the team and itself. I want it!

Devs are you watching? Pretty please can we have user created monsters, maybe like a contest. I’m not begging or anything like that…okay maybe a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are so many dragons in this game that we need something to eat them. :stuck_out_tongue:
Come to think of it grow would make the monster unkillable by any means at this point other than polareon. Grow defense should be ignored by protector and sleep killer.

If devs are watching, then if you create a community members Idea then they should get the monster.


It would be pretty cool to see like a community designed / made monster competition every month or something or just once will still be good :wink:

Yeah. Winner gets his monster too. That would make competition and the devs could make money off of it because the community would get to pick the legend.

yeah would be awesome, I’d definently enter a monster of my own