Single player - countering unfair bonus action from boss or first one battle

You can use either:

A. Stun skin; very helpful will cutdown the bonus action even though enemy get it, used by: sanders, kentucky, gremknight, raioh, chopperbug

B. Flash bomb; requite the monster that have this to survive at least a round so i put this behind tank or after stun skin, used by: raijin, stormfox

C. Stun gift; sacrifice your ark to gift stun attack to your other active ark, combine with attack all for immediete whole enemy stun

D. Guardian: not preferable, but you can put barricadus/blockadus along with metallodius and plasmodius in a row, plasmodius should be killed by the enemy bonus action but hopefully barricadus and metalodius will stand, follow up with your damage dealer

E. Firequeen + Meowzard: not preferable, used in conjuction with guardian, produce as many ark as you can while both still alive, hopefully you’ll get some good ark that can whop them

Well you withstand those pesky bonus action right? But you still need to quickly kill them! Aside from levelling this few tips should help:

A. Haste + Attack All: nuff said, a barrage of attack all while enemy stunned? Yes please!

B. Haste + Chain Attack: most bosses have same element ark lined up, chain attack (chain ice, fire, spark, etc) has higher atk power then 200 TU attack all skill and only a whoping 100 TU (62 with haste), slaughter them!

C. Firequeen + Throw attack: remember that throw attack that sacrifice your last ark in the line up? They are very powerfull indeed in expense of your ark, the catch is firequeen will keep producing “ammo” till she died, so make full use of those ammo

D. Haste + Bane Attack: dracobane, metalslash, fishbane, winghunt, swap your ark to your enemy species and see them slaughter your enemies

My favourite:

Last stand set up:

Your last 6 ark should lined up like this:

6th last: stun skin
5th last: stun skin
4th last: flashbomb
3rd last: flashbomb
2nd last: stormfox
Last: last stand (all starter)

After your 5th last got killed, flashbomb twice, use stormfox to haste your last stander, use last stand (not effective), use flashbomb again, then happy slaughtering

Hope this help you get past single player!