Darn gaiawyrm

Anyone elses struggling to kill the gaiawyrm near arborun? That thing keeps getting bonus hits and annihilates my (i think good) team before reaching half life bar. Help!

The whole bonus turn thing is going to be a continuous problem throughout the game. I have counted boss monsters getting as many as ten turn in a row and decimating my whole team. There are really only two approaches to deal with this. Either you can load your party up with monsters that cause status or damage upon death or you can grind levels until you completely outclass the boss.

gia is not that hard to beat imo he bonus me 3 times and that was it. All i did was use the most powerful attk each of my arks had, if that doesn’t work then either your team suck or your arks are under leveled. Try having some fire elements in your team

Stun skin, stun skin

As tmkhaled said, there are a bunch of arkadions that stun the enemy as they die. It’s a very simple counter for the bosses that have a higher than normal BA chance. 

On of the easiest to obtain might be Kentucky (number 24, evolution of Sanders)

Kentuvky x 3 as opener, follow by stun gift+ attack attack, stun gift + attack attack, its very easy to beat boss in single player, don’t rely on brute strength, later on the enemy will be much stronger and much much annoying with bonus action

A better stun skin is chopperbug (100% stun skin), but I think they require damage to be caught.

You don’t even need a kentucky. Sanders has 100% capture rate with bronze, is ridiculously easy to get, and has the same rate as Kentucky (80% stun skin)

How do use the stun skin for chopperbug it doesent come up

Flamogun, goldenhorn, vegitiger, vulcawolf, pyrowyrm, infernowyrm, etc.

Those will help

Tiberius do u know how to use stun skin?

Aye. Need advice?

Yes well i have chopperbug but stun skin is not shown up

Stun skin is a passive ability, meaning that it’s not a move. It is activated when your monster dies. In the case of Chopperbug, after it is killed, all your opponents are stunned for 120 time units, preventing them from getting bonus actions and giving you room to attack. It’s a sacrificial technique that supports your heavy hitters.

There are only a few monsters in the game right now that are able to stun without dying, and that are powerful alone…These include Stegospike, Rooknight, and a few others.

Ok thanks for help really will help :slight_smile:

Anytime! If you have any questions, many of the more experienced members will be more than glad to help.