How do u defeat i??? I’m stuck

A good and simple strategy is to use Arkadions with the ability Dracobane. Another good way of defeating it might be to have an Ark with Last Stand or Showdown (abilities that increases by a lot if it’s your only ark alive) at the end of you’re line up and a stunner (stormfox for example) right before it. Stun the dragon and sacrifice the stunner and then your ark with Last Stand will go rampage   :slight_smile: Don penguini or any of the starters are examples of Arks that knows Last Stand.

It’s really basic but should be enough to defeat it.

^those work.

If you run into it late, Vulcawolf with vengeance.

Or, Goldenhorn with Feud Spear.

Or, blast it with fire.

Stun + lasts tand set up always work, stun + dracobane work wonder too, never forget to add stun skin monster in your line up when facing bosses