Showdown's damage...

Don’s Showndown damage is ~400, increased by 700% (which means 8 times) when alone. That means it should deal 400 * 8 = 3200 damage. This level of damage (similar to my Arkwing’s single attack) should not be able to one shot my Barricadus, but it did…

The reason for that is that showdown only works when Don is the very last ark on the team. So he is good and useful for saving yourself but it is very easy to counter this just make sure to kill Don first when you see it with other arks on the enemy team. 

Don is meant to be powerful when hes the last remaining ark on the team.

Thank you for the reply. I just don’t understand the mathes.

hmm not sure maybe it multiples each turn it survives? so after the first turn which is 3200 next would be 6400? and so on? and then maybe ur barricadus was killed during the time it was 6400+ or something this is my guess lol

I noticed that the more monsters it attacks, the more damage it does. For example, if you have Don and you are against a single Angeleon, it’s possible you won’t even kill it.

That would actually be a bug…

Many times i’ve won or lost a PvP match because we ended up with one Don against the other and one wouldn’t kill the other’s

Edit: also, and i don’t know if this is a similar bug or not, saphireon’s attack applies the multiplier to every monster as long as at least one of the three is a stun monster

Thank you, that would have explained it!

I have seen my Don failed to kill an Angelon, when Angelon is the last Ark alone.

I have also seen Don being able to one shot Barricadus, when there are 3 Arks.

If the damage is dependent on the number of opponent’s Arks, the mathes make sense now. Thanks!