Don penguini??

Where i found that ****** moster?

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He was available the first week that the game was up.  Now he may only be available in a golden egg. Not sure if he even is.

He is in the golden eggs I’ve seen him not often though

I thought that you touch the gravestone in orlen?

THat’s the way you used to get him but I think it’s disabled. 

I heard that some who tried it recently got no effect from the gravestone.

Maybe they clicked the wrong grave stone. Anyway. You can try to click the gravestone in the first town and type in dragon island

Oh it works just tried it so go get him!

It’s the tombstone in first city under masters house type in dragon island :slight_smile:

Yes it still works, just did it!!! Thanks!!!

I have don penguini u just type dragon island on the grave ston in orlen and and dont know if theyre all s rank but mine is

All are S rank yes

And I just saw him in a golden egg

Yep I’ve seen him alot in gold eggs.

I just used the gravestone method and confirmed that it works. Just touch it and type dragon island.

what levels does it evolves?

How good is he?

He’s great for pvp. Volatile death revenge that damage/kill other arks when it dies.

Showdown, one of the best move this game has ever had, can be activated when he’s the single ark left in your lineup.

I don’t use Don anymore, and I found I battle better without it.

I don’t either but many players should still use him.


Just my opinions. The key value of Don is Showdown. But in Master Leagues the opponents are usually smart enough to not letting you to pull it off. So the remaining value of Don is to tank about 3 hits and Volatile, which causes about 500-800 actual damage (from my experience), which is not too bad, but there are better substitution for Don.

To pull off Don’s Showdown, it is recommended to have a sacrificeable haste Ark like Raioh or Angelon. After haste you can Showdown continuously.

One way to counter Showdown is to count your remaining number of Arks, make sure it is a multipler of 3 + 1 (e.g. 4, 7). Showdown’s damage depends on the number of Arks in the its opponent’s lineup. If I have only 1 Ark left and it casts Showdown on me, the damage is greatly reduced. It only deals 8xx damage to my Omegawyrm/Magmawyrm/Typhoonwyrm for example.

And these days Raioh is very common near the end, its stun skin will completely ruin Showdown. Puffoxin can break it too.

I got penguini last night by clicking the tombstone in orlen and typing dragon island