Rate my team (no money spent)

All these I got from eggs. I contemplated to buy gems but I held out and got lucky with these eggs and beat beritus.

3 legendary
4 super epics

Ofc thats a good team

You should go buy a lottery ticket rithic cos i’ve never heard of anybody else getting remotely that lucky throughout the game with their egg roles.  I know people that have spent 100+ and only have 3 legends.

I have spent 100+ and only have one legends

Same here $100+ and only one legend freeznix, I don’t know if there’s a trick for egg spinning

I thought there was a trick. Not too sure. Tried timing 3 times. And I got legends 2/3 times

Please share.

haha 3 legendary but no money spent!!! hahahaha what about 160$ with only one legendary hahahahaha

Bad Luck hahahahahaha

:sweat_smile: not really sure about the technique. It’s hard to explain.
Wow 160$!!? Wish I was as rich as you

Aww keeping the secret for yourself I understand

No money spent so far i have 2 legends loch and darkslither both are op as heck
2 super epic
1 epic
At masters league atm

Well, there’s no guarantee that spending hundred bucks will get you ahead of others, it’s pure gambling at the moment

I’ve spent $60 dollars and I have 3 legends and about 5 super epics and I’ve found the only real strategy in spinning is looking at the wheel and determining where there are high areas of epics and hit stop there.  This will ensure you at least dont stop on that area and effectively giving you a higher chance of hitting super epic or above.  

I had to spend 400 to get anything good first 300 was just epics
I’m so unlucky :frowning: but got a good amount of monsters nearly all ultra evolved just waiting on keys and omegamid mission

It’s ok . Super epics are actually better than legendaries