Shisaguard's mysticbane

In PVP, Shisaguard’s Mysticbane damage is ridiclously low.

3 mysticbanes are required to kill a Nilomoth, and 5~6 mysticbanes are required to kill a Shadowstalker.

My gut feeling is that the damage amplifier has not been applied properly. Otherwise Shisaguard needs a buff.

Developers, please look into this issue soon as this is currently the only counter to Shadowstalker.

It’s only amplified twice as much and since it’s already a low damage move having it be twice as powerful still isn’t very strong.  I took him out of my lineup since he’s pretty useless if the opponent has an air type out.

I got Shadowstalker today, It’s resistances are in 2200’s at level 99 so I don’t think there’s any way mysticbane is supposed to 1-hit K.O it. Infact, I don’t think there’s anything that can 1 shot it apart from Charcalynx or Minespider after a period of time. You just have to accept that it’s an 11 star ark so it’s not supposed to be easy to take down lol

I have got Shadowstalker too and I am not trying to one-shot it using mysticbane.

Let’s just look at Nilomoth. 3 mysticbane are needed to kill it. What is the point of the bane then? Even AOE of some Arks can do better than it.

Also, effect increased by 200% actually means 3 times. :slight_smile:

Aye, they should increase the base damage or the multiplier.

11 stars can be easily taken down. A quick metal slash takes down gearwolf. A quick metal blade takes down Destructor…how come mystic bane doesn’t take down Shadowstalker?

A weak mysticbane isnt gonna do nada

Yeah sorry, it was after bar close when I responded 

What’s this shisaguard we are talking about? And gear wolf? And charclynx

They’re all egg monsters… Except for gearwolf which is supposedly a future OM monster.

And back to the topic, i find it odd that mysticbane does physical damage and scales with shisaguards rather pitiful attack instead of its magic. I think the only change that needs to be made is for it to do magic damage and scale with magic.

The two images in the spoiler are the ones they are talking about. Shishaguard is my profile pic. I want the fluffy dog •^•

Oh, does charchoyx evolve into that inferno warm thing? It kind of looks like it.

Charcalynx is a final evolution.

You say in PvP? Does it work the same way in PvE?

Storm… Inferno wyrm is separate evo and ark

angelbane of Bloodclaw dosent work against shadwostalker , it only hurts 150 or something like that but on other angelic arks its good

Shadowstalker is not the Angel subtype, it is mystic.

Bump. I agree with original argument.