Which bane should I use?

Occasionally I’ll come across a very questionable monster and it’s essential that I use the correct bane. I love to use my vegitiger but if I can’t choose the right bane to use he is useless to me. It’s more than just the four banes used by Vegiter, noid bane, beast bane, metal slash and dracobane, It’s also mysticbane, angelbane & fishbane. For example what is shadowstalker, beast? Mystic? What about Anubis, Luxknight, Raioh, Inferneo, Twigster, Gremknight, Rooknight, Nilox, Nilomoth and Freezebear? If someone could create a list for those that would be great, thanks.

Also, if anyone has any others that they think are questionable feel free to ask about them here or add them in if you found out their type.

shadowstalker - mystic

Anubis - humanoid

Raioh - Mystic

Twigster - Plant

Rooknight - Beast

Freezebear - Beast

Inferneo - mystic

nilox/nilomoth - mystic

Luxknight - angelic



Shadowlance, Anubis, Ninjagale, Meowzard, Felimance,Flamogun


All starters/evolutions/fusions, Saphireon, Griphon, Charcalynx, Goldenhorn, Vulcawolf, Vegitiger

metal slash-

Barry, minepsider, metalo/odious, Destructor


You should be able to spot these, angelon is a dragon if you ever question it.


Shadowstalker, minoblast, mossgolem, spooker, dullakhan, nilox, gremknight, skullwraith, raioh, raijin, nilomoth


Luxknight, moji, halocat, halopard, chubian


krakahn, puffoxin, hammertooth, megalorex, terrorfish

Those are all probably the best examples i could give, if anything is incorrect please correct it.

This might be an issue for others too…hmm… I’ll make a list of the types of all monsters later today.

They you very much @yonfire i very much appreciate you not only fully answering my questions but also giving me a very thorough list of examples :slight_smile:
Also thanks tib that would be great… i hope I’m not the only one with this problem lol

trust me your not, I still get certain ones confused… lol.