The new Mythic "Cypridrus" is Cool!

This moveset is cool:

LoL don’t nerf this beast ever. Gonna be entertaining to see everybodies reaction. :joy:

The passive is like a never ending Deathgazer on the field :rofl:

The SS doesn’t have a TU limitation before it can be used would be interesting to see what kind of combos can be used with that. Would work well with Leogiest.

The excessive force and low TU
counterstrike is pretty good.

That reverse move is sweet.

What are your thoughts?


Only awaken form seems good to me cuz reverse can offer a lot to storm Cani AoE FLs

It’s 2nd form is quite possibly the worst 2nd form for a limited mythic that exists.


So literally…

P2W players: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

F2P players: :unamused:

F2P but use gems carefully: “Festival Eggs have better chance for legendaries”

DonT89: already has it awaken when I post this


That passive holy crap! I already want it nerfed.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody…



So bad, legenaries are much better, if there are no protector or monster to counter it’s a dead weight…

I really like the design of the awaken form aswell.

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Now all we need is a Silver dragon with daunt field to go with the duo of bastia and cypridus

DonT, replace your dragulus in fl with this :joy:

Some real mixed opinions on this monster from what I read. However, one thing many agree on… the artwork is excellent and much more what we like to see than those mythic princesses!

This monster has the equivalent of 94% speed outside the front line, which combined with its tanky stats and excessive force makes it a huge counter to protectors and earth monsters. It’s a great buff for link storm teams in general I think and definitely a Bastia/Sanctistag counter.

I won’t try to convince anyone that the 2nd form is strong, but it still does the job of countering earth/protectors and the warp field passive is handy to say the least.

Reverse looks very powerful in the right scenario and having Cypridrus pushed to the highest TU doesn’t matter too much because if the opponent kills other monsters they’ll be struggling to fight against warp field II.

The thing I immediately wanted to know is “how much damage does counter strike do to non-earth monsters”, for all the times there isn’t a target for either killer move. The answer: 1000 piercing damage. With ELEM swift accelerate that’s 1000 piercing damage every 66TU. Not as good as I’d like it to be… so I think this monster will struggle to feel worth it in your team at times.

Overall, looks like a good addition for link storm teams but nothing insane (weaker than Novemdomina is for fire). Reverse will win you games for sure and if protectors/earth are common in the meta (or in a PvE battle) it will perform extremely well. With entrance control there may be further potential.

P.S. Looks like the Devs are finally getting around to buffing “link storm” as a strategy after they’ve done link water, then fire (partially), then earth and then finished fire. Holy and shadow were the most developed before so they haven’t needed the same focus. Also, True Hit was increased in damage by +50% at some point since release. I thought this had happened but hadn’t tested it until now. It’s the hardest hitting killer move now.

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Goddesses. The game calls them that, so that’s what we have to roll with. Jokes aside, I adore the art for Cypridrus; gives Runedragon some competition for best looking monster of 2020.


The colour and detail of those scales is beautiful.

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You are wrong about me man, not yet :joy:

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Is “Underwold” meant to be spelled that way?

@Dev_VKC hmmmm


Obviously yes


“Underwold” is actually that patch of skin right behind your ballsack. This Is prob a typo


Interesting take on the subject… Needs deepening


You know too much. It is dangerous.