With the rise of shields in this game, do you guys think we need a shieldbane move?

Personally i think shield is one of the best status/defensive passive a monster can have (leaving stun/sleep immues aside), as it force the enemy to lose a turn just to be able to touch you.

HG is simillar, but shield deal with HG downsides (enemy able to charge on HG monster, poison tick and roaring bug, etc). I mean, shield has no downsides at all. It can even deal with poison because of poison tick bugs, forcing the enemy to skip and gain a turn. The only good way to deal right now with shields without losing turns is excessive force (again - posion as well, but buggy).

Other mechanics and strategies has a counter: stealthbane, poison /chrono /protector /sleep /stun killer, etc). Shield is the only 1 who got nothing special against it, which makes it even stronger.

The only downside to the move shieldbane i can think of, is that mortar monsters will have a problem against it, as they have to charge to do something - making them useless.

But overall i do think its a move i would like to see soon, as every other monster starting to get a shield

Dusicyon cries at this thread.

Personally I think that shields have been a nice new dimension added, that has helped keep other things in balance. It only needs more counters if shields start to become a problem.

P.S. Shields already have the counter of all those moves with “this attacks ignores hold ground and shields”. There and increasingly large number of those on newer monsters.

As KD said, excessive force. Shield is also countered well enough by poison. What should be fixed is the additional turn needed after 1 poison tick. The shield should be removed by it because it is damage,!

i wouldnt count excessive force as a counter since it is a very rare passive. And peng usually sits at the end of everyone’s team. Making bb the only one. Poison does the job but the current bug makes shield very strong right now

I think when Exu said excessive force he meant “excessive force”… all the moves which hit through shields included. These are definitely counters to shields, on top of poison which is very widely available and used.

Agree. But poison tick should also always break shields. Its pretty heinous that we have to wait 2 ticks to be certain the attack won’t be wasted.