Sharks Treasure

Why not have a new event which is the same as whales treasure but every area has strength determined by type rather than element? eg humanoid, robotic etc. there are enough of each now to make it interesting.

ive called it sharks treasure. it could have all the sharks appearing on the map. Sharkrex, Jawshank, Padrinorca etc

@Dev_VKC c:


Padri is a dolphin :frowning:

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Actually pve in neo is just repetitive and tbh not that fun to play for me . I always feel boring. But one event I love is puzzle event which is no more in game ig. So introducing more events but with little unique concept.


Padri is an orca. Duh.


how on earth can u say pve is boring when u have awakened Excaliburdragon?

i don’t understand what you are trying to say here. it’s a non full sentence lol.

if you are trying to say that the event ive suggested has little thought behind it you are correct. that’s exactly why ive suggested it. it should be pretty easy to code since the template already exists for whales treasure.

i have suggested a lot more complicated events in the past but i don’t think that the devs can be bothered doing too much lol. hence I’d be amazed if clans were added or the story mode actually continued.

Sorry but fighting those battles for 6 different elements is boring enough, don’t see much reason to extend it to 13

Which is more closely related to a Dolphin than a shark

Whale’s Treasure is rated the most popular PvE event by the forum community (talking from the past when we voted, as well as general community sentiment I’ve picked up on). So making a monster-type version of it seems like a smart idea.

The problem is…
there are LOTS of monster types.

Also, Monster Bond Quest is basically doing this already


I think the love for the Whales Treasure comes with the short matches, each mainly in their element, and mainly of the flexible rewards in the Finn shop.

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i also considered this but tbh its different because of the type specific buffs.

at the end of the day a new event prospect is a new event prospect.

Thank god alteramaid’s there

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No one love events. All love rewards. Puzzle event is best so far to play.

Please increase legend pots in PvP instead of adding dumb new events :joy:
Puzzle Arena/ST 3.0 sounds more interesting
In old ST there was something called compensation rewards I think :eyes: bring something similar to that.

The best thing about the event by far is that some monsters that are usually below average are excellent. I can finally make teams with monsters I haven’t ever really tried before. Also the playing field is much more level as SE can reliably crit even mythics.

Speak for yourself. Let people enjoy the game how they want.


Yeah, a dolphin

It’s actually confusing af. Dolphins and Orcas are both dolphins but also whales.

i thought a killer whale (orca) was a shark?

It’s actually classed as a dolphin. I didn’t know this, always thought of it as a whale but then apparently dolphins are also whales.

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The auto-playablility is high in this event

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