Share your PvE stories!

You were saved from your bad decisions before like boosting Majorie so I don’t know what you’re on about :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that anniversary Arachnadiva. With some crazy %.

Yeah, paying off now that I’ve awakened it! Gabrielle was really expensive for me though… 40 packs on “double chance” and 22 packs, kinda like I did 102 packs for it XD

And them pair together was just like blessed by Sageroom.

I think you were punished by Hazuki’s curse for your Gab. Worth it anyway…

Now that I see it, didn’t you say you were ‘Okay’ with the HP boost change? Hmm

Say thank you to devs for grinding for weeks straight and now they are only usable on Mapledragon. @Dev_VKC great job with major changes as per usual :v:t2:

I must admit that you are the king of generalisations.

Boost definitely helps on the tanky myths but I can’t use nagandia boost anymore. There were cases where she would just survive toxic killers and nova aoe. The 1000 extra hp on some piercing moves made it also just enough to survive.


Upload video of hatch when ?

One of my clanmates found him :eyes:


Lineup made by other users :thinking: , im wondoring who is this user who already have the monster reward of pvp ranked that will start tommorow

You can get it in draws, because it’s already added in the monsterdex (I think).

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Amazing Design :heart_eyes:

Can you translate in english ?

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Amazing design theres exactly what we want
No more waifus

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Thx bro :heart_hands:

Hmm, not a waifu. I wonder if that means it’s a shop mythic

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Its a legendary

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Da best Art so far…