Share your PvE stories!

So I saw that we don’t have any PvE topics, so might as well do one. We can share here our PvE encounters and moments here!


I’ll start
Yesterday was a normal day for me at neo. After many PvP battles I tried to finish the showdown at old Corrolan. It was so damn hard especially the last one. But after 30 tries, I finished it!!

Then the guardians of cainsville came. And compared to old Corrolan, this one is worst. Took me 2 HOURS to complete, it’s okay because it really didn’t need any tickets to enter.

What I learned is it’s really hard to finish side quests where you use pre-made teams. Videos in Yt really doesn’t help, because AI really is kinda random. Sometimes they target another monster, or theirrevenge hits random monsters. And at old Corrolan, the godfeather died, but I still manged to beat it with the other monsters.


Challenge make 4 hanzowolf in your field !!!


I have no Hanzo :frowning:

Np bro, buy atrahasis first ,after that you can buy hanzo if you interesting in PvE :slightly_smiling_face:.I take that SS because its rare moment not for challenge :wink:


As a more general PvE question, what were you thinking when you first started playing? Were you completely new, not knowing what you would encounter? Had you read the forum and wiki for a good idea of what was to come? Or was it something in-between?

Personally, I had known about Neo since pretty much the very beginning due to them advertising it in their other games. But I never had much interest as I saw it as a game that departed too far from the formula of HI and DIB. I eventually did pick it up when it was free just as I was losing interest in Hunter Island, and wanted a new but similar experience. That didn’t really work out, and I still play HI more often than Neo, but I will admit that Neo is significantly better than I thought.


I learned about the game about 3-4 years ago. Back then, I was not much addicted to the game but my phone broke so when I bought a new phone I forgot about the game. 3 months ago, the game just suddenly pops up on my mind and all the memories playing this game just came back. Thankfully the game has 2 days free sale so I downloaded it.

Now I have unhealthy addiction to the game and just yesterday I have a dream about Arbogias. Literally. @DMGInterference this is your fault


They’re not dreams… They’re holy apparitions. You probably are one of the chosen apostles of the tree god. :bowing_man:


Did anyone finished the 1st case in okkults? What was the secret reward?

5 super epic potions

Okay thanks😂 not gonna waste my time to finish it.

What about the 2,3, and 4 do you know the rewards?

The secret reward is given only once…when you complete any one of the case

Ohhh okay, that sucks I thought there were secret for each case😂 thanks

Any tips to clear last 2 battles of each case? Will crystal worms work?
Also, I am stuck in super challenge battle extreme level 2. Generally Incan complete it, but this week is very hard. I don’t have canishogun which is very useful.

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Fd control: stun + sleep + protector and captain canine for this scb

I don’t have captain canine. I will try but berserk smash is too painful. Thing is I also don’t have sleep fultter drake which I badly want. I have stun and protect flutter drake.

Oh sorry the one pirate guy with neko Barrage since this scb is all fire he will destroy once it reaches 400 sec . Use sleep bomb then at 5th a purifier epic with give turn .
Here is what u need to do it with
neko barrage


Thanks.I will try this.

U need to adjust some protectors . Just do it with purpies if you are not able I will do it with purpies and record it for you

Nice idea mate.
Will try this.
I tried stun into ooo.
But the last magma kinda swept me…