Share your PvE stories!

And you dont meet tortogeist in the first 7 floors :exploding_head:

That 5* with piercing blow and infernocorn are the real pain in the asses, there’s no way to stop them if it’s a team of 4 or less

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I faced a skeleviathan and another DR mon in the frontline but I got around it with novadrake

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Ok i try the same combination like you to beat it for first time :clap:

Yay after Dragaia now God feather :penguin:


Reason why they never buff dragaia and God feather



DMG DonT89 vs Okkult
Showdown Tower 12th floor 4 monsters challenge!


DMG DonT89 vs Okkult - part 2

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Me training for UC led to this gem of a situation -


looks like someone didn’t get the time bonus points lol


training ur mentality before UC is a great Idea

Bored :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I’ve never posted in this thread before, but in PvE I always like the feeling when you’re out of friends to choose as your helper monster. For example in the current Whales Treasure, I always run/don’t shortcut so I can give more friends more friend points. Then I easily run out of friends if I choose them in the reversed order.


DMG DonT89 vs Okkult round 3!

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Finally I have completed all PvE icons!


@Dev_VKC u need to make some more icons for shika.

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This UC i decided to challenge myself (because otherwise UC isn’t challenging XD -jk)
i set myself the punishing task of trying to get top 50 in UC without ever using ANY Death Revenge, Petrify Revenge or Mirror Revenge monsters.

Needless to say this was more difficult than i had expected. i missed about 7 tokens and lost a lot of battles early on due to general team squishiness!
early strategies of trying to run angelion and vinegazer in my team only had limited success - angel being killed 70% of the time before it could take a turn and Vinegazers poison revenge messing with my other monsters so in the end i replaced them with vampviper and bundam.
also i found running soulstealer on my frontline to be too rng reliant on his ability to sleep so i replaced him with momo.

This was the team i settled on for the most part -

the hidden gem here was rhinedragon. its golden curse could instantly be reused if i used soul summon to remove it from the field. cutting out over 100tu in the process.

the Doomengine/Wraithcaptain/Ninjastorm combo got me through a lot of tricky endgames however at times the battles took over 20 minutes to complete - this one was a nuisance:-

after around floor 1200 Doomengine stopped one shotting cosmodragon clones and it became a nightmare to try and line things up with stealth teammates and ninjastorm being heavily relied upon. wraithcaptains speed meant that he often died before he could clone so Doomengines stealth teammate was vital as Morphean bomb was the only way i could deal enough damage to DR clones without them cloning again first. (if i hadn’t got lucky and still had a surviving bundam with novablast that is.)

most of my battles were won by surviving long enough for bombs and death sentences. shivadragon and onigeist are the two best survivors in the game and i was occasionally hp sharing as little as 12 health between 4 monsters to keep things alive for the payoff.

i had to change things up occasionally for gatekeepers -

this was the team i used for gatekeeper 1000 (i think) it had a freezecobra and a scorpiogeist in the team so i knew needed to deal with the poison and added vampviper/mojinator and soulstealer to the end of the team. in fact this was the battle i started using vampviper in my team from. i was impressed with how well she had performed with my team.

before that gatekeeper this was my team -

and this was my team for gatekeeper 2000 - (took 7 attempts though smh)

the key here was trying to make as many ankoudragons as i could.

overall this was a fun challenge which drove me mental at times and it goes to show you don’t need to be braindead and spam DRs to do well in UC. though I’ll admit i also have a really good collection to choose from.

i hope this encourages some other players to try out some new things in PvE.

thanks for your time and sorry for the novel!

oh - and at the moment i have finished 28th -

though that could change if there are any cheats found.


Congratulations brother, I got this icon


Thx bro! Congrats too :hugs:

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