Sems like everybody has the Same line up now :-D

Can somebody Tell me wehre i can See in the Game Center against who i was fighting Last Time?
Or am fighting against the Same Person all the Time? :smiley:

Are you fighting Shadowstalker combinations all the time? If so, you are fighting different people…umm…sorry about that…oops?

Blame Tib! :wink: I kid I kid

The game is still pretty new, give it some time and there will be more diversity in PvP. For now people are copying each other and trying to stick with formulas that work

shadow stalker + grem + chopper as an opener is at least 50% of all pvp battles i play. I’ve only run into a couple of exact copies of tib’s shadowy lightmare but the people using them had no idea what they were doing.

Yes. I tried the suggested teams on this forum. They work great. But I felt less satisfied because the team was not put together by me.

I feel much better when winning a battle using my own team :smiley:

So now, I still learn from the suggested teams, but I only pick the ones that I like, and then mix it with my personal thinking and style into it. :slight_smile:

Yeah many ppl use the chopperbug line up

It wasn’t me, it was my evil twin brother. I swear!

…nah, I’m kidding. But yeah, I’ll do my best to try to diversify everything. I won’t stop what I’m doing, as some people truly do need help…but I’ll try hard to make sure that nothing is overused. n.n

Sorry for making your encounters so boring. Ahaha.

U dont have to stop:p its great what u did but everyone uses one lol i cant see Anyone else with another team

Well, I’m sure that things will change as more monsters are released n.n

Edit: how do you post so much? You’ve closed the gap way too quickly o.o

I hope so

This is why I take breaks from pvp… Everyone starts getting beat by certain line ups, and then EVERYONE uses that line up, Bleh get creative people lol

Im actually sick of it. People need to think for themselves instead of ten people in a row usingg same deck lol. Sick of bonus actions to. I got wiped out because a guy got them on every damn monster he attacked with my omega was stunned to 800tu as an example wtf
I do ask tib for help but not to use the whole deck lol