My PVP Team [Images]

Add My Game Center For A PVP oxAmbialenz


It’s scary how similar our teams are. o.o

I think there are only 4 different monsters.

Which are the four bud?

Almost the same as mine, too. With the exception of like 4 monsters. And my Infernowyrm is rank C and Omegawyrm is rank A. 

Nice team.~

Thank you bro

I think i faced with that line up before XD, are you online? Let’s battle

Yea i am , i’m always online , add my center oxAmbivalenz

Knowing this is what most PvP teams look like… I think PvP is a bad place for me… as I don’t have that many good monsters. ._.

Arkwing, skullrex, nilomoth, luxknight.

Everything else is the same. Not in the same order though.

Those 4 are in my team tho lol , if you look carefully on the sides

No, those are the four that I DON’T use. Lol. I use everything else that you use.

Ohhh hahaa oops i’m chaning my whole team aroud soon enough

Yep. Same. Hope to do well in the tournament. I’ll be trying a lot if combinations, so changing it up is essential. At the moment, I can only win around ten in a row before I get pwned. I’ll need to improve if I hope to win.

Besides, I’ll be at a disadvantage if people are familiar with my lineup.